Welcome to the office

Offices are kind of like their own little countries.

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a small local dentist office or a large corporate headquarters. All offices have their own culture, language, lingo, customs, and traditions.

In my office, a large, corporate headquarters, our language includes lots of acronyms, nicknames for restaurants (Mexican on the hill and Cheap Mexican), and some pretty strange traditions (Turkey of the Year, Le Tour de Christmas).

And recently something new was added to the mix.

My company is participating in something called the U.S. City Challenge, sponsored by Chik-fil-A. Basically, it’s a focus on healthier living. The competition starts at the very end of August and our company will be competing against our own divisions and other local companies to see who’s the healthiest, loses the most weight, exercises the most, and so forth. Everyone who opted to take part in the challenge had to pay $5 and sign up for an evaluation to test flexibility, body fat, and check your weight. The idea is to set some benchmarks to see where you are now and hopefully, measure some change by the end of the competition. The evaluations started this week.

I haven’t had mine yet, but they’ve been the topic of MUCH discussion around the lunch table and in the elevator. Apparently, a part of the evaluation is for the person who administers the test gives you a “Body Age Score,” which is a representation of your body’s age (based on your test results) to your actual chronological age. My evaluation is next week, so I don’t know mine yet, but I can tell you one thing: the Body Age Score has become the new “how’s the weather?” around these parts.

You get on the elevator. You say hi to the people on there. And invariably, the topic is introduced. A conversation might go down like this:

“Hey. How are you?”
“I’m good. And you? Have you had your U.S. City Challenge evaluation yet?”
“Yes. What’s your Body Age Score?”
“Oh, my body age came up to be nearly dead. Totally depressing.”
“Well, at least you have room for improvement!”

It cracks me up how often I’ve overheard these types of conversations.

And I’m willing to bet, next week, I’ll be one of those people who’s asking everyone their Body Age Score.

Let’s all hope mine is somewhere relatively close to my actual age.


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