Remind me.

A few weeks ago, my friend Brandy wrote a blog post about why she got a tattoo.

She chose the word Lael, which is a Hebrew word that means “belonging to God.”

She chose it as a reminder and every day when she looks at the inside of her wrist, she is reminded of who she is. Of whose she is.

Her post got me to thinking. If I were going to get a tattoo to remind myself of how God sees me what would it say?

The answer came quickly, quietly. Beloved.


Beloved. As in “dearly loved.” The cherished child of God. A darling. Precious. Cherished. Dear one. Someone who allows herself to be loved by God.

If you know me well or read this blog often, you know it’s a truth I struggle with sometimes. That I am loved. That I am lovable. I wonder how God can see something precious in me and often don’t allow myself to feel cherished, because I sometimes think I don’t deserve it.


An idea I’ve struggled with even this week.

So yesterday morning when I headed to a meeting I have every month and our leader began the devotion time, I was tired, overwhelmed, and possibly a little exhausted. I was physically present, but probably not mentally. And when she began the devotion, I wasn’t even paying much attention.

Then she named the passage she was reading from: Deuteronomy 33. A passage I’d read a week or so ago in my own personal time in Scripture. A chapter that details the blessings Moses speaks over the tribes of Israel right before his death.

Something within me pressed me to pay attention. Quietly, a whisper pierced my heart.

This is for you, Dear One, it said. Listen up.

He said about Benjamin: The Lord’s beloved rests securely on Him. He shields him all day long, and he rests on His shoulders.


Stop worrying!, my heart cried.

“Your security rests in Him,” my friend said as she finished her devotion.

The truth pressed in on me and tears sprang to my eyes.

I love you, my Beloved. It felt as if God was saying those very words to me. I am your security; I love you and it’s not dependent on anything you do; I will take care of you; I will carry you.

Trust me, Beloved.

May He never stop reminding me who I am.


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