Enjoy the day!

Down the street from my house, there’s this church. It’s a small church and they seem to take pride or pleasure in the messages they post on their sign.


If 6 men come 2 take u 2 church, it’s 2 late

(They really like using numbers rather than words.)


God wants full custody, not just Sundays.

Most of the time, I read the sign and roll my eyes. They usually contain some bit of truth, but don’t really accomplish much. Most of the time, they’re just corny.

But a couple months ago, one side of the sign read something to the affect of “Today is a gift from God. Don’t WASTE IT!”

Not a bad sentiment, but every day I looked at that sign and the more and more it bothered me. Yes, I think each day is a gift from God; I wasn’t bothered by the truth of the sign, but the attitude behind it.  What I didn’t like was the warning at the end, the “don’t waste it!”—which creates this idea that we must do, do, do to make God happy. That we must be forever working and never resting because that might classified as “wasting” our time.

Now, I don’t think God wants us to be lazy or to simply sit around and never do a thing to build His kingdom. Not at all. But I really, truly believe that if God had written that sign, He would have said something to the effect of: “Today is a gift from Me. Enjoy every last second of it!”

Not “don’t waste it;” but “enjoy it.” To live each day to its fullest. To love completely with every minute you’ve got. To live for Christ in every second. To drink in the wonders of creation and the gifts God has given each of us. To smile. To laugh. To rest in the peace of God. To be real. To relax. To live each day with everything you’ve got and to go to bed with a smile on your face because you know there was nothing else you could have done that day.

Enjoy it.

Enjoy what you’ve been given. Accept this day as a gift and make the most of it. Erase that “don’t waste it!” warning from your mind. Then, take every extravagant, beautiful moment God has given you today and live it. With passion. With the hope only He gives. In Truth. Enjoy every last moment because today is precious.

Perhaps Frederick Buechner said it best:

“In the entire history of the universe, let alone in your own history, there has never been another day just like today, and there will never be another just like it again. Today is the point to which all your yesterdays have been leading since the hour of your birth. It is the point from which all your tomorrows will proceed until the hour of your death. If you were aware of how precious today is, you could hardly live through it. Unless you are aware of how precious it is, you can hardly be said to be living at all.

Enjoy your day!


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