Welcome to August

It’s the first day of August.

Or as I’m going to term it “The Month of Insanity.”

This month, I have to:

• Complete editing a 240-page Bible study

• Edit the November issue of the magazine

• Get a jumpstart on the December edit so that I’m basically done by September 20.

• Keep the magazine’s website, FB, and Twitter up and running and interacting with people

• Edit all the recipes to be included in my church’s new cookbook

• Drink copious amounts of coffee

• Not stress over things that are beyond my control and learn the lesson of trusting God more and more fully

• Say good-bye to a good friend and coworker

• Help with a house concert and bridal shower

• Go to Missouri and sing at the church I grew up in on last time before my parents leave for wherever God leads them to serve

Needless to say, August 1 marks the beginning of a very busy month. A hard month, a month of a lot of good-byes and new beginnings, a month of celebrations and joys, stress and letting go.

It’s going to be an interesting one, but hopefully, at the end, I won’t be completely crazy or grumpy and I know I’ll be able to speak the truth whether I feel it or not: God is faithful.



3 thoughts on “Welcome to August”

  1. Wow, your parents are leaving Bernie?? That will be a huge change for your family. Prayer for all of you that the adjustment is smooth and answers are clear!

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