Because saying it makes it more real. . .

I know the power of telling people something you’re going to do or are working on and allowing them to hold you accountable.

So here goes, guys:

I’m going to run a 10K on September 3, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, with my friend, Alisha. More about the race here:

And then, I’m going to follow that up with a 5K on September 5, Labor Day, by myself. More about that race here:

It’s pretty clear that after the half marathon, I slacked off on running and any kind of exercise for a bit. But I’m back! I am a little concerned that so much of my running lately (read: all of my running) has been inside on the treadmill. If you’ve ever run on a treadmill, then run outside, you know it’s different. The treadmill gives you a false sense of what you can actually accomplish, because you’re running in a vacuum, sort of. You can edit out hills and minor grades and don’t have to deal with wind, humidity, and other environmental factors.

But I tell you all this so that you can hold me accountable. Because it would be really awesome if I got my best time ever on that 10K and 5K!

So, here we go. Ready, set, GO!!!!


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