It’s an adventure!

I’ve become a creature of habit. . . at least when it comes to the route I drive to work.

It hasn’t always been like this. When I first moved to my condo, I had about three routes I took to work regularly, letting traffic patterns, how much time I had, and whims decide which one I took to work.

But these days, when I’m almost always walking out of the house after 7 a.m. and want to get there by 7:30, I tend to take the same route. That involves navigating Nolensville Road, Harding Place, and merging onto I-65.

Mind you, I-24 is practically in my backyard.

But I hate I-24 around Nashville with a passion a pill couldn’t cure (as my Grandma Ruby would have said). So, most of the time, especially during times when I know I-24 is going to be bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go traffic, and just asking for an accident, I avoid it. Like the plague. Like kids avoid peas.

All that boils down to say that I-24 has never been a big part of my commute.

But as I turned out of my complex this morning, I wanted something different, a tiny little adventure in the middle of the work week, something that wasn’t same-old, same-old, status quo.

So, I thought, I’ll take I-24. Traffic didn’t look too bad on the news reports today. Maybe it’s faster. It’s definitely closer.

That, my dear readers, is wishful thinking. Lies! All lies!

Traffic was moving pretty well, but there’s a lot of back-up and stop-and-go traffic when I-24 merges with any other interstate. Which happens at least twice on my route to downtown Nashville.

And the kicker?

It actually took me longer to get to work than usual. Even if I-24 is closer than I-65.

At least my little excursion shook up the monotony of the work week!


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