The return of “Dispatches”

Yes, you’ve probably noticed that “Dispatches” hasn’t been appearing on the blog of late. . . .

Yeah, it just got a little tedious. And life was a bit overwhelming. .  .

But it’s Friday. I have no deep thoughts. I’m not even sure my clothes match (pretty sure they don’t). And I think some sort of bug just bit me on the ankle. Plus, it’s just been a bit of an overwhelming week.

So with all that going on, I just thought we’d have a little “Dispatches.” That good for you?

I hope so, because it’s all you’re getting!

• Last night I saw this show on Food Network that was a cross between “Survivor” and a cooking challenge. The chefs had to swim from the boat, then cook shrimp, dig up chests containing more ingredients, and cook on firepits on the beach. Oh, and also, some of them had to construct their own cooking stations using provided wood, hammer, and nails. I really, really don’t get the concept for the show. Or how they got chefs to be on it. (Did they lose a bet?) Or why I watched such a large portion of it. I like the Food Network because I learn stuff about cooking that I didn’t know before. I can use what I see on most of the shows, even the crazier cake competition ones. But this show? I don’t know that I’ll ever be doing extreme cooking. . . It’s just so WEIRD!

• My mom is recovering from pneumonia (all clear now) and dealing with a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. She goes back to the cardiologist today, and we’re hopeful that she can deal with the problem simply by taking meds.

• I’m getting back into running after kind of slacking off. But my clothes aren’t fitting right and I know consistency is key, so I’m back at it. Just on the treadmill because it’s been WAY too HOT here to try to run outside and live.

• My company is going to be competing in the U.S. City Challenge, a healthy living/exercise thing sponsored by Chick-fil-A. I signed up. I have to have an “evaluation” on August 25. Let’s pray they don’t use those caliper things that measure your body fat. I really just don’t want to know!

• I am sort of obsessed with USA’s show “Covert Affairs.” It’s sort of “Alias-y” only not as dark. FUN!

• I made cookies this week and they were a miserable flop. It’s a recipe I love. But I was out of brown sugar and just used white sugar. . .and I have new cookie sheets and it’s taking me a bit to get used to them. I now cook everything a touch too long. Oh, well. I will rise above this!

Well, that’s it for today. Have a happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “The return of “Dispatches””

  1. We LOVE Covert Affairs, too! After last season, there were rumors it wasn’t coming back. So glad it did! Oh, and I sort of have a crush on Auggie 🙂

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