Give your ears a gift

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to see a lot of Nashville’s local talent on stage. There are some really, really good things happening musically right now, people! And it ain’t all country. So I thought I’d just update you on a few of the names I think you ought to know!

Alyssa Bonagura
My friends Buddy and Janet were HUGE Alyssa fans, but I’d never heard her until earlier this year. She’s awesome, guys. And she has written this AMAZING song with Tyler Wilkinson (of the Wilkinsons) that I can’t stop playing on repeat. Just see for yourself!

Korby Lenker
My friend Buddy and I first heard Korby at a round at the renowned Bluebird Cafe. I’ll admit it: it wasn’t love at first listen for me. But by about his third song, I was a fan and wanting to know more. I’ve heard Korby a few times since then and somehow his music just makes me really, really, really happy. He does a cover video every month and this month, he happened to choose one of my absolute favorite songs, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” (People fight about which version they like best. .. mine has always been Jeff Buckley’s, mostly because it’s the first one I heard.) Korby has a Joshua Radin quality in that he sings softly and his voice isn’t perfect. But it’s beautiful! Watch his July cover below (and look for my friend Buddy shooting pics in the video.) For a special treat, check out Korby’s song “My Little Life” . . . in a car.

Michael Logen
Words cannot express what I think about Michael Logen’s music. I heart him! I like the harmonica, the voice, the lyrics, everything. Ever heard a song that you just had to listen to with your eyes closed and let the music wash over you? That’s pretty much all of Michael Logen’s music for me. Some of my favorites are: “Human After All,” “Who Let You Down?,” “Cannonball Embrace,” and  a song called “Nothing Moves Me Anymore.” (I couldn’t find a version of him singing it. It has been recorded by a group from the UK called Wonderland, but I like his version better.) And then there’s the song “Mystery.” Just watch:

Charlie Worsham
Charlie’s one of those people I just have this weird desire to hug. He’s such a nice guy and then he goes and writes amazing music. Charlie’s one of the openers on the big Taylor Swift tour this fall, so I predict big things happening for him soon. And my window to give him a hug in a non-stalkery way is fading. . .I jest, I jest! But Charlie just writes some really amazing songs that do make me close my eyes and just listen. He writes these lyrics that have a lot of depth and somehow hits on topics and phrases that just describe how I feel sometimes. Some of my favorites of his include: “Wish You’d Let Me Let You Go,” “Trouble Is,” and “Could It Be?‘ Then there’s this song he performed at a house concert I was at and it left me (and the rest of the room) completely silent, in a good way:

So, it’s Tuesday, the day records come out. Get out there and enjoy some good music. It’s one of the best gifts God’s given us!


4 thoughts on “Give your ears a gift”

  1. Thanks for sharing some awesome music! I’m totally a Charlie Worsham fan now!!! I totally went straight to iTunes to buy “You Can’t Break What’s Broken” and it’s not available! Can’t find it anywhere…got any clue where I can get one of his CDs or at least that single?

  2. He doesn’t have a CD just yet. My music connection (my friend Buddy) says he’s working on an EP that he’ll have in time for the Taylor Swift tour this fall. I will let you know where you can get some of his tunes as soon as they’re available! Yay! I’m so excited you liked him!

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