Why me?

Yesterday, I was in the cafeteria at work with a coworker/friend who was getting oatmeal for his breakfast. When he closed the lid on the serving dish, it wasn’t properly placed and sort of caved in to the vat of warm oatmeal. Twice.

And while he was fumbling about and trying to get the lid on there the right way and it kept falling into the oatmeal, I was laughing like a mad woman. Then he said, “I just pulled a Mandy.”

Um, yeah. Apparently people have noticed that the silly, comedy of errors, awkward and slightly embarrassing moments that populate my daily life. And they’ve dubbed them “Mandys.”

Yeah, me! (Please read that with sarcasm.)

Examples of “Mandys” from this week:
• Trying to lock the hybrid, only to realize that I never actually turned the car off. Twice.
• Dropping my keys between the driver’s seat and the console in my car, fishing them out, then getting out of the car, walking across the parking lot, accidentally pulling the earring out of my ear and chasing it as it rolls away.
• Being told by my FRIEND Alisha that maybe if I didn’t wear my contacts, I wouldn’t be socially awkward because I couldn’t really see people. (If she were anyone else, I’d hit her for that.)
• Last night, when I got home from “Wait, Wait . . .Don’t Tell Me!” and Alisha was trying to leave my house, this random dog who lives in a unit across the street showed up. He came over and stood right in front of her car like he was going to stop her from leaving. Then, finally, his owners notice and start calling him. And for the life of me, I thought the dog’s name was Rodney. Upon further consideration, I believe it might be Rocky, but for awhile there, I was pretty sure they were saying Rodney. Which made me think I should write a childrens’ story about Rodney the bulldog. . . .

Anyway, I hope you have a happy Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend. I’ll be working today—with the three other people who are here!


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