It’s a good thing I like shoes.

I’m going to admit a fear of mine: I think my feet are turning into hobbit feet.

OK, so maybe not hairy like that. . . but the creepy looking toes and such? Yeah. My feet look terrible.

I could blame it on some stellar shoes I got and happened to wear to walk around downtown. And they weren’t really walking shoes. And they rubbed small blisters in not 1 but 4 places on my feet.

I could blame it on running, which, in truth, is causing a lot of the problem. I have callouses and a toe that has seen better days. Running has a way of making the rest of your body look amazing, but your feet often look like you’ve been pounding the pavement for hours at a time, because, well, you have.

I could also blame my own failed attempt at a pedicure. Hint: when your feet look terrible and you have at least 4-5 healing blisters and a couple of callouses, a little paint job just isn’t going to help much. It might just make things look worse, like when someone gets a junker car painted beautifully.

But I’ve never been one to care that much what my feet looked like. And truth be told, I don’t care that much right now. I’m sort of proud of my running war wounds—I’ve run a half marathon, people! At least some part of me should look like it! It’s a little sad it’s my feet and not my legs (seriously, how do you get Carrie Underwood’s legs?), but I’ll take it.

And maybe, some day soon, I’ll shell out the money for a real pedicure.

Where the pedicure lady will wonder what in the world I’ve done to my feet. In which case, I’ll just point her to this post.


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