The weekend in bullets

Ah. Monday.

After a short little “vacation” of sorts to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge with friends and classmates from church for a retreat of sorts. . . .but let’s just say the weekend went really fast and was chock full of fun stuff. . .and I’m tired.

Here’s the weekend in bullets:

• Day off!
• Up early to get ready for Alisha’s graduation ceremony.
• Traffic. Rain. Nashville. 😦
• Parking. Walking. Tent. Wet feet.
• Small wooden chairs.  3-plus hours.
• Late start.
• Long-winded dean.
• Master’s degrees. PhDs. Dissertation titles full of words I don’t understand.
• Crowds. Hungry. Chocolate tart.
• Mafiozo’s doesn’t open until 4 p.m.
• Lunch.
• Home. Change clothes. Grab bag.
• Pick up Ron and Alisha.
• Drive.
• Drive. Hours.
• Pigeon Forge!
• Zorb!
• Find cabin.
• Zorb!
• Eat dinner.
• Buy groceries.
• Stock cabin.
• Pajamas!
• Greet friends who just arrived.
• Devotion.
• Sleep. But can’t sleep.
• Sleep.

• Breakfast. Scrambled eggs with no salt. . .
• Bad hair. Hike in Smoky Mountain National Park.

• Pretty!

• Bear!
• Waterfall!

• Walk downhill!
• Lunch. Fried chicken. Drink in mason jar. Yum.
• SHOWER!!!!!!
• Clean clothes!!!!!!
• Devotion.
• So sleepy.
• Outlet mall. Ann Taylor Loft. GO!
• Banana Republic hates me and thinks I’m fat.
• Snack while others ride go-carts.
• Mini golf! Not very good. Hang out with a new gorilla friend.

• Apple Barn for dinner. YUM!
• Cabin. Need supplies.
• Wal-Mart.
• Cookies and milk.
• 48 Hours Mystery. Tired. So very tired. Can’t pay attention.
• Sleep, blessed sleep.

• Why am I awake at 6:15 a.m.?
• Coffee. Couch. Blanket.
• Shower. Breakfast. More coffee.
• Devotion.
• Cold. Need jeans.
• Titanic museum.
• Sing “My Heart Will Go On” while ballet dancing in parking lot.
• Learn the name of the passenger whose ticket I will be carrying through the museum. Will she survive?
• Second class accommodations were not as nice as I had hoped.
• Learn things. See artifacts. Geek out.
• MY PASSENGER SURVIVED! She has an exhibit/display in the museum! Sigh of relief.
• Scare self with a mirror. Scream. Laugh. A lot.
• Hey! The wheel of the ship! Can I drive? Can I drive?
• Is the crew member flirting with me? For reals?
• Hey! He let me drive the ship! Is he still flirting with me.
• Leave room. Touch iceberg. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.
• Enter quiet room where other people are watching film. Try to stop laughing. Fail.
• More exhibits. Life boat. Picture.
• Discover fate of passengers.
• Find Heart of the Ocean replica necklace in gift shop. Mock.
• Leave. Head to Gatlinburg. Titanic blares its horn (or something). Jump and think we’ve cut off a semi.
• Parking adventure.
• Shops. No, I will not ride the Sky Lift. Shops. Read books in shop. Buy caramel corn.
• Head home. Drive. Drive. Drive.
• Home! Too quiet without Muffin the Wonder Dog.
• Dinner. Too quiet after a weekend of being in a house with people.
• Bed. Sleep. Monday’s coming.


4 thoughts on “The weekend in bullets”

  1. Well, I had to make it the condensed version. That many zorbs would have freaked readers out!

    And the dean was a Robert Frost name-dropper! I think maybe he was playing his own personal drinking game.

    Oh, the drunk losers. I hope they’re feeling OK. . . but I doubt it.

  2. I am going to quote Robert Frost in class this week.
    I wish Alisha would have gotten to go zorbing. I will have to hear about it forever. You also neglected her mention of a puppy over and over.
    I have a feeling there will be a zorb question on Sunday.

  3. So – I hope you’re sleeping because I’m not. Not sure what to do with myself and decided to read your blog – I really need to just start doing this on a regular basis because your writing makes me happy. Can’t help but smile as I look back as this crazy weekend. It was a great way to celebrate graduation (thaks again for coming). Zorb.

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