A brand new day

Have you ever had that day that just didn’t get started right?

Maybe you came to work on a Monday morning and, let’s just say . . . . had an email from a cross-functional work group you’re on that said you had to present in that morning’s meeting. And this was the first you’d heard of it. And you didn’t know what you were supposed to report on.

So then you had to stop everything you had planned for your meeting and rush around and get your presentation ready (which was very low-key, but still)—after you contacted the people in charge of the team and figured out what the presentation was supposed to be about, that is.

And then you typed it up and got it ready with about 45 minutes to spare before the meeting. So you sent some emails you needed to send, because you didn’t have time to get into anything more in-depth.

And then you went to the meeting, presented, and it didn’t even seem like most people were interested.

And then, thankfully, let’s just say, it was time for lunch. And you ate outside. And the sun smiled on you.

Then, you came back to your office and got into a big project. But you couldn’t concentrate. And people kept interrupting you.

So finally, you called a truce with Monday, got a frappacino, and quoted some Scarlett O’Hara.

Because tomorrow is another day.

Fiddle dee dee.

Scarlett O'Hara


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