I’m weird. I watch the news.

I have a deep love for the local news. Especially morning shows.

A friend of mine thinks it’s really weird that I watch the local news while I’m getting ready each morning. She laughs when I mention it.

But that won’t keep me from watching the news. Here’s why:
• I grew up in a farm family. You watch the local news when your income depends on things like weather and farm prices, information that you can get from watching the news. It’s hard to break a habit that has been ingrained in you from childhood.

• I like the local morning news. Because it’s so early, the anchors are sometimes a little goofier than their sedate counterparts on the evening news, who are expected to tell us exactly how bad everything is. Sometimes, there’s even just one anchor on the evening news, national and local. In the mornings, though, there’s banter between anchors. They laugh at each other. Sometimes, the banter is witty and funny; sometimes it falls flat. Sometimes, if you get up as early as I do, you hear them move through the news cycle twice and get to hear how they fix something they messed up earlier. People expect morning news anchors to help them wake up, and sometimes that takes being a little silly. I know I enjoy it.

• I like knowing what’s going on in the city I live in. I don’t subscribe to the local paper and only sometimes visit its website, so the local TV news provides me with important information of what’s happening in my city and my area. I don’t want to live in a city and not know what’s happening. Maybe city government isn’t my exact cup of tea and I may not be interested in the event that the reporter is reporting live from, but I do like to know that it’s going on. Even if it’s just so I can adjust my route home so I’m not stuck in traffic.Which leads us to the final reason I watch the local news in the mornings . . .

• Traffic reports. If I can avoid sitting on the interstate for 45 extra minutes because I saw a traffic report on the local news, it’s well worth it!

So, there you have it. I’m weird. I watch the news. 😉


2 thoughts on “I’m weird. I watch the news.”

  1. I guess I am wierd too. The first thing I do after getting out of bed is turn on the local news. I want to know the roads to avoid and what the weather will be like for the day.

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