This story is best told in the way it occurred, so please enjoy this slightly stream-of-consciousness rendering:

It was 6 p.m. Monday night. I had worked until after 4 p.m., run 4.5 miles in downtown Nashville (including some hills), and was stopping in to the grocery store for a few staples. (One of which I forgot. Potatoes. I need potatoes. Why? Because I have a pot roast bubbling away in my crock pot RIGHT now and what goes perfectly with pot roast? MASHED POTATOES!)

Anyway, at 6 p.m. on Monday evening I drove up to Publix, parked the car, and squeezed out of the vehicle. It was a little close because I’d parked next to the cart corral (so I’d remember where I was parked) and had perhaps parked a little too closely. As I walked toward the store, I noticed two people standing outside a truck seemingly pondering how to get in. Apparently, the guy had the driver’s side door propped open while they were putting stuff in the back of the truck and it closed. With the keys AND the spare inside. I offered to help, but they kindly thanked me and said they’d figure it out.

So I meandered into Publix.

The bakery section tried to lure me with its cakes and danishes, donuts and pies. But I resisted (not without looking though!) and power walked into the produce section. There, I picked up the necessary salad veggies. Carrots. A cucumber. I also found some OJ on sale and seeing that I drink a glass every morning and was almost out, I snatched up 2 cartons.

Then, it was off to the dog food aisle for dog treats. I grabbed some lemonade to soothe my parched throat on the way home, and picked up a frozen pizza for supper.

I decided to scan the groceries myself, since there were so few and I could get in and out quickly. The groceries were scanned and in the bags within five minutes. It was time to pay. I pushed the button for the debit card option, scanned my card, entered my PIN. . . and the card was rejected.


So I tried it again. Rejected. And again. REJECTED.

Now it’s time for a near meltdown in the checkout line at Publix. What is the deal? I knew that I didn’t have insufficient funds. I keep an eye on my balance. I mean, I have an app for that on my iPhone and had checked my balance immediately before walking in to the store. What was wrong with my account?

I had other credit cards with me, so I dealt with the payment issue at hand and got out of there. I checked my balance again on the phone before leaving. It was fine. But I worried about it all the way home. Once at home, I checked my balance about 15 times online. It still remained the same. But the bank was closed, so I figured I’d get more info in the morning. Nothing I could do right then.

In the morning, I checked the balance again and all was well. A check I’d written to church had come through, as well as some other charges, but nothing that decimated my account balance. Seriously, what was the deal? Knowing I was going out for lunch, I decided to stop by an ATM on the way to work and get some cash. I’d also see if I had any problems there, and if so, would be calling the bank for sure.

No problems.

But about 30 minutes after I got to work, the bank called. My debit card had been compromised. I asked what that meant and how, but the answers were few and far between. But it did explain the mystery denial. Upon receiving the information that my card had been compromised (I must have used my card at a store whose own records were hacked and the bank now has to inform everyone whose info might have been affected), the bank had deactivated my card.

So the near-meltdown in Publix was unnecessary.

But I’m living in the world of cash and checks only for the time being, and I haven’t lived there for a long time. I’m finding it hard to remember how to function. But at least none of my money is missing and my new card will be here soon! 🙂


One thought on “Compromised!”

  1. I hate when your card doesn’t work for some weird reason. It makes your stomach knot up and you feel bad. Glad nothing was seriously wrong, though.

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