I won’t lie: I’m visualizing my long runs in my Music City Half Marathon training by distances I can wrap my head around.

6 miles was a 10K, take a little.

8 miles was running from my hometown to Dexter.

Last Saturday’s 10 mile run was running from my parents’ house to a little past Dexter.

Let’s just say in my non-runner brain, I never in my life thought I would complete a 10-mile run. I’m not even sure I really wanted to. But alas, the schedule said 10 miles for last week’s long run and we set out to do it. There had been much discussion (in a marathon phone conversation on Friday night that was crazy and convoluted because Alisha and I kept wandering off topic) about what to do since rain was predicted all day long on Saturday. So we planned to run anyway, unless it was pouring, and made a Plan B. Which included skipping lunch with our class after church and squeezing in a 2 hour run before I had to be at church at 4:30 p.m. for a meeting. I’m not going to lie: this was not my favorite idea ever.

But when you’re training for a half marathon, the long runs are important. So I knew skipping it would be a problem. So at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning we hit the trail running at Crockett Park. And it wasn’t that bad. Yes, we’re still running intervals and are planning to do so in the half marathon, but I think it’s great that we finished in 2 hours. 10 miles, 2 hours.

If we can speed it up just a bit, we can make our goal of completing the half in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Will you be there to cheer?!


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