It’s Friday. I think I say this every week, but seriously, this was the LONGEST week ever. Daylight Saving Time (or at least the switching back and forth) is OF THE DEVIL. And I truly mean that!

Anyway, it’s been a kind of crazy week, but since crazy is my new normal, I’m just rolling with it. Here are some random thoughts from this week:

• Yesterday, my hometown high school basketball team advanced to the championship of the state 2A boys basketball tournament. It’s their second year in a row and only the 4th time our school has gotten to state in basketball in its entire history. Last year’s team got there on undeniable talent and lost in the last seconds of the first place game. This year’s team is there because of their sheer determination. I got to watch/listen to most of the game online, and those boys put on a show. One kid, Sammy Walker, basically made sure his team was going to win. For a guy who’s not that big comparatively speaking, he was grabbing rebounds and going inside with the best of them. It was also cool to see how everyone from my hometown—even if we don’t live there anymore—were tuning in to see what was happening at the game. Facebook was crazy yesterday afternoon! But good luck to Brad (the coach, who was in my class in school) and the boys on Saturday!

• Speaking of that basketball game and the live feed on the Internet, the announcer for that game needed to do his research. He kept saying that the last time Bernie had been to the state championship was in 1989 (we did go then; I was in fifth grade and the entire town traveled to watch the games), but that’s not true. They were there LAST YEAR and played in the CHAMPIONSHIP game! I don’t know how he missed it or the sea of people wearing blue shirts that say “Back-to-Back” on them. So announcers, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

• Speaking of basketball, it’s March Madness. I kind of love these first few days of crazy round-the-clock games. Except when your team (Mizzou) plays at 8:50 p.m. and you’re really tired and then they lose. Oh, well. Now if Coach Anderson would just put those is-he/isn’t-he rumors about going to Arkansas to coach to rest. And Anderson, if you’re asking my opinion, I say NO!

• This weekend, Alisha and I are going to run 9 miles! Eek! Actually, the long runs have never been as terrible as I’ve thought they were going to be. We simply set our intervals (run 8, walk 2 mins of late), prepare our minds for a long run, and get it done. I also haven’t been as sore as I thought I would be. I kind of hate that I’m not improving my times anymore, but we’ve got time to work on that!

• I’m wearing new shoes. They make me happy!

• Last night during the Mizzou game, they played a stupid KU commercial (for Coke, I think). I mean, really? Did KU pay extra for it to be shown during the MU game? I actually left the room when I heard the Rock Chalk Jayhawk chant and didn’t come back until that commercial was almost over. Boo, Kansas.

OK, much to do and only a little time to do it! Have a happy Friday!

One thought on “Dispatches”

  1. Our family is going to Columbia tomorrow 🙂 Ryan is wearing a KU shirt into the Mizzou Arena – it’s the only blue in his closet! I’m bribing him with a trip to Bass Pro first. He just doesn’t get my excitement since he doesn’t have a H.S. to “claim.” He only attended the H.S. he graduated from for 3 semesters and the previous one had 8 kids in his class (when his family moved it left 6 to graduate since he and his twin brother left). Also, even more props to Sammy Walker, whose dad just past away in January.

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