It’s Friday! I have a vacation day! Yay!

• In a few minutes, I’ll start getting ready to leave for Missouri. After my grandmother’s fall last week and her upcoming move to a different care facility, I really wanted to see her. I was already going to Missouri, but now I’m leaving a little earlier. I have to stop to get gas on the way out of town, and also facewash and a low calorie refreshment of some sort.

• Alisha and I did our long run for the week yesterday at Crockett Park. In the wind and cold which was sometimes accompanied by a freezing little drizzle. I have windburn on my face. Fun times. But I guess this makes us “real runners.” Yesterday we ran 8 minutes and walked 2 minutes. Next week we’ll likely lower the walking to 1 minute. If we’re in a better mood than we were yesterday!

• I’m going to a high school basketball game. My hometown is playing in sectionals or regionals or something. I just know that every win is one step closer to playing in the state tournament. And after losing by two or three points in the state championship game last year, I’d love for them to get there again this year and win it all! (Basketball is king in my hometown.)

• Selection Sunday. THIS SUNDAY!

• I am sad about this earthquake and tsunami. It was kind of surreal to wake up to the news that people I know are bracing for a tsunami in Hawaii. I’m sure we won’t know the true devastation and death toll in Japan for weeks. It’s just so very sad, and all I can do is pray.

• Muffin won’t stop staring at me.

• I’m trying to get reservations for a Bluebird show next week. It’s not going well.

Well, that’s it for me today. I’m off to get dressed and drive to Missouri. I’ll miss you all! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. Have a great weekend! I got your email yesterday but work kept me from replying…we are way too busy!

    Eat some of your mom’s good cooking for me!

  2. Bernie beat my Thayer Bobcats Wednesday 57-41. 😦 Y’all play New Haven Saturday. Even though Bernie knocked Thayer out, I hope Bernie goes on to win State. If Thayer can’t win, I hope Bernie does now.

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