Ah, it’s the end of a very long, very busy week! And tomorrow the only thing I HAVE to do is run 4 miles at some point. The alarm is getting turned off, the blinds closed, and I’m sleeping until I wake up. And if it’s at 6:45 a.m., I’m going to be MAD!

But, let’s get this weekend off to a good start—with “Dispatches”! I know that you’ve been dreaming of these all week. (What’s that? You haven’t. . . . um, you are dead to me.)

• I am fairly happy with the Top 13 for American Idol. I’m sad Tim Halperin isn’t there, but I think the people picked are talented and deserve to be there. I was surprised that Brett didn’t get voted in, but I guess the young girl vote went toward Scotty. . . and somewhat strangely, Casey. Oh well. It’s actually shaping up to be a really good season. I like the reboot and the new judges; I just with Steven Tyler and J.Lo would offer a little more constructive criticism in their comments.

• I’m taking the Camry (i.e. Patricia Jean) in for the 20,000 mile tune-up today. Yay for the Toyota Pre-paid Maintenance program!

• The brick is fixed on my house! Who’s excited?! (Well, I am. It’s good to have the HOA off my back!)

• Missouri plays Kansas tomorrow at Mizzou. Since road games have been AWFUL for Mizzou this season, I’m hoping playing KU at home will end up being a good thing for the Tigers. But you never know! I just hope they play well, do well in the Big 12 Tournament and get a good seed in the Big Dance.

• In January, my friend Buddy had a house concert that I helped do the food for. One of the guys who played, Charlie Worsham, got tapped to be the opening act on a large part of Taylor Swift’s North American tour this fall. While I’m not a big fan of T. Swift, I am of Charlie and am so excited for him! He’s a hard-working guy who deserves this opportunity!

• I got my taxes done this week, and I am getting a refund. I’m planning to use a little of the money to go to the running store and have the “experts” evaluate my running and help me find some shoes that will support my feet best for the half marathon.

• Speaking of running, this week our long run was set at 7 miles. Since Alisha was going out of town, we’d always planned to do it separately, meaning alone. So she scheduled her run for Thursday morning and I’d planned to run on Saturday. Enter the weather report. . . RAIN, RAIN, RAIN all day Saturday. Since I think running 4 miles indoors is WAY more manageable and doesn’t make me want to cry as much as running 7 miles indoors does, I decided to run my 7 yesterday, too. Except that I forgot to pack socks, had to go to Target to get socks on the way to go run, had to change clothes at the Brentwood Y, then started my run nearly an hour after I’d planned. The sun had set when I finished the run, but I finished it. 7 miles in 1 hour 20 mins. I’m happy with that.

Well, much to do today! There’s a magazine to get to the printer. Let’s do this!


One thought on “Dispatches”

  1. I think 7 miles in 80 minutes is incredible!!! I can barely average a 10-min mile if I’m running 2 miles. And since I haven’t dared attempt to run more than that at any given time, I won’t try to guess what my time would be if I attempted 7 🙂 Good job!!!

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