Four hours!

I can do a lot of things in four hours.

I could go places. It takes about four hours to get to my parents’ house. In about four hours, I could drive to Atlanta or I could drive to Huntsville, Ala., and back.

I could work. Four hours is half of a work day.

I could clean up the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms in my house in four hours. I could bake, cool, and ice a layer cake. I could watch TV, movies, and some people run marathons in four hours.

But last night, it took me four hours to get from work to my house.

Just so you get the reason this is a big deal, it usually takes me—at the very most—30 minutes doorstep to doorstep.

It wasn’t that there was a ton of snow in Nashville. It’s that the snow started fairly heavily and everyone in the city, including me, decided to get on the roads at the same time. I would have been better served to leave at 3 p.m. when I was still complaining that it wasn’t snowing or walked to a restaurant downtown and left around 7 or so. I had called my parents and told them what was happening and my mom kept checking in periodically. Finally, she said “You’re going to have to tell your dad where you are! He doesn’t believe me!” It’s always good when you’re moving so slowly down a road that people don’t believe you.

But I did get to sit in traffic for four hours and write a very weird story on Facebook using my status update and friends comments.

At least something fun came out of the whole experience. 🙂


One thought on “Four hours!”

  1. Four hours home last night and two going in to work this morning. This afternoon 30 minutes to get home, usually takes an hour at 4:30.

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