It’s SO over, Snow.

Snow, in case you haven’t gotten the memo, it’s over.

We’re done. Caput. OVER.

You are nothing to me.

There you are with your swagger and bravado, breezing in to town whenever you feel like it and disrupting my life. You start off charming and beautiful, then turn everything upside down for a few days, and stick around until you’ve completely worn out your welcome.

It doesn’t matter that you dust the pine trees with white, decorate the barest branches into works of art, and make even the ugliest scene somehow beautiful and peaceful—NO! I will not fall for your charms again. You’re all show and no substance. You dress things up and make everything look so good, then you leave and it’s a mess.

I used to look forward to your arrival. Glittery, beautiful, oh-so-charming. The prospect of a day at home with you brought cozy pictures of movies, cocoa, and warm blankets to my mind. But that’s not reality. And you’re just not ready to invest in this relationship on an adult level.

You want to be free! Free to show up whenever you want and free to leave a trail of chaos (and mud and salt brine) in your wake.

You’re full of drama. And I’m so over the drama.

So, Snow. This is it. We’re done. Do not try to woo me back again. I’m not falling for it.

(Unless somehow you can cause a state of emergency to be declared in downtown Nashville and my work is closed and I have to stay at home. You should also make sure only good movies are on TV and that the fridge is stocked up. But since you don’t think ahead, that’s probably not going to happen. No, I stand by my original statement. We’re done!)


One thought on “It’s SO over, Snow.”

  1. I like this blog! How we anticipate snow but once its there and has worn out its welcome we don’t appreciate it anymore and want it to leave us.. There are things we cannot do once snow is around and we just simply want it gone and get back things to normal.
    Brad Fallon

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