Oh, dear ones. It snowed. In Nashville. AGAIN.

And this time there was rain before the snow, making getting your car ready to drive was a little like chipping it out of an iceberg.

Fun times were had by all.

That said, you sense a bit of non-snow day sarcasm in today’s dispatches. Don’t like it? Deal.

• Dear driver on Nolensville Road: Just because there’s snow and some ice on the ground doesn’t mean red lights suddenly don’t apply. And they don’t suddenly become four way stops where you stop and go, like you did. Red lights ALWAYS mean stop.

• Dear lady at the I-65/I-40 merge on the south side of downtown: You were speeding, texting AND driving WHILE merging with another interstate on a cold, icy, snowy day. What part of that sounds like a good plan to you? And congrats on speeding up so that no one could merge into the exit lane in front of you. Especially since you didn’t even have to EXIT.

• I’m over snow. Over it, I tell you. Well, if you could stay at home and enjoy it as an adult then Snow and I would be as tight as ever, but alas, I work somewhere where it literally has to be declared a state of emergency for work to be closed. If you choose not to come or can’t get out of your neighborhood, you have to take a vacation day. I still think that work places ought to develop the idea of Unexpected Days Off, in which managers had discretion to use so many days a year to unexpectedly give their departments time off.

• I could have used a day off today. I’m tired. Really tired. And I have to work on Saturday again just to get things done. I can’t work next Saturday, but I honestly can see myself working some on Saturdays for the foreseeable future.

• I curled my hair today. People keep commenting. It’s kind of funny that something so simple gets so much attention.

Well, sorry this is short and fairly complain-y. I’ve got a lot to do today! 🙂



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