And the award goes to. . . (2010 Mandys)

Yes, another year is ending.

And with the end of a year come another round of awards I give out based on the stats for “Unfinished Business.” It’s just right that if music has the Grammys, movies have the Oscars, and TV has the Emmys, my blog should have an award. And long ago and far away, you all voted to call them the Mandys.

So with no further ado, let’s get on with the show!

Top Referrers Blog category: (These are the blogs who sent me the most traffic in 2010.)

1. I have several friends (namely Brandy and Scott) who blog (or used to blog) on this site.
2. I have no idea about this one. It scares me a bit.
3. Thoughts from a real life by Laurie, a new blogger who randomly found my site. I always enjoy her comments!

Top Referrers Reader/Website category (these are blog reader programs that send a lot of readers my way):
1. This one just makes sense!
2. I don’t really tweet that much, but apparently that has helped me gain some readers!
3. (I have an inkling that this a dear friend of mine! Thanks for sticking with me!)

Pages that have received the most clicks from my blog in 2010:
1. Go Fug Yourself, a fashion critique website that I sometimes refrain from linking to because it can be downright mean. . .
2. Continual Happiness by a group of ladies.
3. A Likely Story by Crystal

Top Posts in 2010
(These posts had to be written in 2010 and had to be posts, not pages, like my info or photo pages that are tied to this blog.)
1. Frittatas are fun! (This post is my claim to fame. It made the Front Page on WordPress and I got thousands of hits on the days that followed. It’s also a good recipe!)
2. Book review: Tess of the D’urbervilles (Aww, depressing Thomas Hardy gets me many hits. I wonder how many of these were students who didn’t read the book for themselves and needed something to fill out that paper they were writing or help passing the test?)
3. Book review: The Thorn Birds (I find it odd that I got a lot of hits for a book review of a book I pretty much hated!)

Top search terms used to find my blog:
1. Memes
2. Unfinished business mandy crow
3. I bite my thumb at thee

And finally, this blog’s equivalent of the lifetime achievement award:
All-Time Top Referrers (These blogs have sent the most people my way since I began paying attention to the stats with WordPress.):
1. Bringing the Drama by Scott
2. I’m just sayin by Brandy
3. A Likely Story by Crystal Z

Congratulations to all the winners. And a big “thank you!” and hugs to all my readers. Thank you for reading all the random things I post on this site and not thinking I’m a crazy person. It’s fun when you get to do something you love and people actually read it! 🙂

So here’s to 2010. Let’s just say it hasn’t been my favorite year ever and even as I write this I’m feeling a little blue. But 2011 is a year of new beginnings and I like the idea of that.

So, I’m off to get this busy New Year’s Eve started. Have a good one! And as my friend Buddy would say, make good choices!

If you’d like to see the Mandys from 2008 and 2009, click the links on the years.


7 thoughts on “And the award goes to. . . (2010 Mandys)”

  1. I got an award in TWO categories! Sweet! Mandy, truth be told, you inspired me to start blogging in the first place, and here I am three years later. I am happy to send traffic your way! Happy New Year!

  2. I am soooo behind on my blog reading (and writing) that it’s not even funny. So tonight I am just reading this. THANK YOU so much for the mention! I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. What a good feeling. Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    You have no idea how this made me smile! 😀

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