She must hate me


That’s what I thought when Mandy left me at the vet/groomer’s this morning.

She must HATE me.

(In case you haven’t guessed, this is Muffin, the Wonder Poodle.)

This morning Mandy and I had a nice morning going on. She got up, took me outside, fed me breakfast and she went back upstairs to have a little quiet time when she reads the Bible and stuff. I joined her a bit later and we sat there together, looking over the verses in the Bible. Then, she got up and started getting ready and I went downstairs and snuggled into the pile of blankets I’ve collected in my favorite chair, the one with the ottoman in the corner.

A bit later, she came downstairs all ready for work and asked me if I was ready to go. The answer to that question is always yes! I was up and wagging my tail and so happy to be going somewhere.

I should have realized this was an evil trick. And evil, evil plot to leave me at the groomer’s and make my tail look like a puffball.

So we hopped in the car and I shivered because it was cold and we had to sit there for a bit and shiver and shake while it warmed up a bit. Then, we were off. I love going places in the car, even if I was beginning to wonder if we were going to the vet.

And then we pulled in to the vet and she tried to tell me everything would be OK. I didn’t believe her and if I were capable of rolling my eyes (can dogs roll their eyes?) I would have. She took me back to the groomer’s, set a pick-up time (not early enough!) and they put me in a little cage! Me! MUFFIN! In. a. cage!

I am currently plotting how I will let Mandy know I am displeased.

Well, you know, after I let her know how happy I am that she has rescued me and taken me home to my house with the special chair with the blankets and the ottoman.

And I do have to admit: I will look nice in all our Christmas photos!


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