Good grief!

So it snowed. In Nashville.

There was supposed to be snow, maybe some accumulation on grassy areas. A nice addition to a December day and would make the second performance of our Christmas program at church seem just right.


Um, no. It started snowing yesterday morning and kept snowing. Then, it started to stick to the roads. The performance we’d been told would go on no matter what got canceled. And my parents were on their way from Missouri in the middle of a Middle Tennessee snowstorm and things got interesting.

My mom and dad were harried and stressed when they ran in my front door last night, bringing a blast of cold air and a little dusting of snow with them. The roads had been a mess and it had taken them way more time than necessary to make it to my house. They should have gotten to my house around 5 p.m., but got there around 5:45 to 6 instead.

And I’d promised them that the show would go on no matter what.

So maybe tonight I’ll be re-enacting it in my living room. Mind you, this is a drama featuring actors, sets, and a choir and orchestra.

Maybe I should sell tickets?!


Have a good day and stay safe! (AND WARM!)

One thought on “Good grief!”

  1. I know. I wish they would quit saying that they WILL NOT cancel Sunday morning services also, because they did it twice last year. I understand that the need to cancel an event may come up. So quit saying things won’t be canceled. That obviously isn’t the case. Although I’m glad they canceled the thing Sunday night because we felt compelled to go (and really did want to see it) but did not want to drive across town in that mess.

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