Just call me Scrooge

It feels wrong to dislike a Christmas song.

I mean, it’s just a little Scrooge-like to hate a song that’s about the “happiest time of year” and has to do with important stuff, like the birth of a Savior or sacrifice or a world that’s full of peace. It just feels wrong to hate a Christmas song. I might as well start stock-piling my money and waiting for three ghosts to visit me, though, because there are two contemporary Christmas songs that I can’t stand.

I’m just being honest here. Anyway, here it goes:

I can’t stand “Grown-Up Christmas List” and “The Christmas Shoes.” I realize that the first song is an Amy Grant classic in many people’s minds, and therefore not to be disliked. And the second has movies on Hallmark and gift books galore that tell the tale.

But. I. Can’t. Stand. These. Songs.

“Grown-Up Christmas List” is just too. . . overly dramatic. It’s like a teenager with a flair for drama wrote it as part of an essay about how he or she would change the world.

“The Christmas Shoes” is just so sappy. So. Very. Sappy.

I’m the proud owner of one of the most tender hearts you’ll ever find. I cry at Hallmark commercials and those Folgers commercials where the son comes home from battle or far away for Christmas and the family is so happy to see him. I like a touch of sappiness and will admit to liking a bit of drama. But these songs kill me! I find myself yelling “Man up!” when they come on the radio and swiftly switching the channels.

Because to me, Christmas isn’t about syrupy songs and schmaltz. Good songs aren’t songs that attempt to use every cliche for peace or pull on every heartstring. Christmas is about hope, peace, and light in a dark world—and if those two songs are the best we can do to describe those lofty qualities, then we’re just not very creative.

* I do apologize if these views offend you because these are your favorite Christmas songs. I have my right to my opinion. . . .and I don’t like them!


4 thoughts on “Just call me Scrooge”

  1. I’m so glad someone else greatly dislikes those songs also. Last week I think I offended several people who were going on about the movie and song Christmas Shoes. I spoke up about how I did not like that song and had no intention of ever watching the movie either. One lady tried to convince me that I just had to watch the movie and I would change my mind. I stood my ground that it was too sappy to sit through such a movie. I too can get teary eyed watching the Publix commercials this time of year, but if Christmas List or Christmas Shoes comes on the radio, I’m changing the channel. Gag!!!!

  2. Not offended at all! I shut the radio off many times last week due to just plain silly Christmas music. Although, I have enjoyed most of the “Christmas Swing” channel I found on Pandora. At least you know what you’re up for there.

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