Ahhhh. . . .

That’s the sound of satisfaction when you settle in to something familiar and well-loved. Which in this case is “Dispatches,” of course!

It’s been two weeks or so since you’ve read this familiar post, and I know you’re longing to welcome it back like a long-lost friend. A real friend, not just some random person from high school you found on Facebook and “friended.”

I better hear the joy and the sighs of contentment. I’m waiting. . . .

OK, whatever. Let’s get on with the show.

• Last night I had my picture taken at church for the directory. The Atrocity of 2007 was not repeated. (OK, I can’t remember when the last directory was done, but my picture was SO terrible that I only ever looked at half of the free 8×10 they sent me, then stuffed it back in the envelope, put the envelope somewhere I hope to never find again, and promptly forgot about it. And that BEAUTIFUL picture appeared in the directory.)

• I’m driving to Missouri tomorrow, then after church on Sunday, my entire family is going to Branson for the entire week of Thanksgiving. Obviously not my choice of locations, but I think it’s going to be fun and I’m ready to be with the people who have loved me through all of my flaws and failures. I love my friends here and hate that I can’t hang out with most of you this weekend, but I’m ready to see the family for an extended period of time.

• It’s likely I won’t have a big homemade Thanksgiving meal since we’re going to be in Branson. It’s good that I did that last weekend.

• I think the muffin making for profit may happen. I’m still working on the price list.

• Today after work, I’m making the pumpkin cream cheese muffins to take to the family. Then, I’m hoping to hang out with friends before I head out for my week “abroad.”

• A friend of mine is having a house concert in January. Fun! I’m “catering.” Which basically means providing some baked goods and snacks. 🙂
That’s all I’ve got. I have to get to work and run down to the convention center for a few minutes. Have a good Friday!


6 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. Just make sure to keep all of your receipts so you can deduct those expenses when you claim all of that extra income on your tax return.

  2. I’ve had 4-5 Church Directory experiences beginning when my (rotten) children were very young. Each experience a nightmare. Strongly dislike the experience and results! Last offering was Spring of ’09 but was just me and my hubby. Still…ick ack poo! 🙂

  3. Dawn,
    I’m just now seeing this! I’m sad I didn’t get to see you. We had a good time, but it was fantastically cold on Thanksgiving Day! 🙂

    Are you going to be in the Bernie area for Christmas?

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