Dress code violation!

It’s against the rules to wear jeans where I work.

I mean like EVER. Not on Fridays. Not when you’re packing up your office and moving.

(OK, we’ve gotten to wear them to work for special conference events but that was with special permission and only on the days you were working the event.)

Denim skirts are even targeted in the dress code. Let’s just say this: denim below the waist is a dress code violation.

So today, I park at work and am gathering my stuff to walk into work when I glimpse an employee I do not know getting out of his car. Wearing jeans. Granted they are gray jeans, but they’re still jeans. And they’re still against the dress code.

I know several guys who wear nicer jeans to work and pass them off as dress pants. . . which is unfair, because if I did it, I’d have the dress code police on me so fast I wouldn’t even know what happened.

(And when I say “dress code police,” I am not implying there is an actual dress code enforcement team. I am implying that some people at work and in my department have appointed themselves dress code enforcers and enjoy the job very much.)

As much as I hate the dress code and think the no jeans policy is silly, out-dated, and makes me less authentic to my audience of teens and student ministers, it is the rule. And if we’re going to have the rule, we ought to observe it.

Because if he’s going to get to wear jeans, then I want to wear jeans!



One thought on “Dress code violation!”

  1. I now work at my home church and we have a very relaxed “dress code”. Thankfully! However, many years ago I worked in another church office. Only two of us; me and the older office manager who had been there forever. She’d seen many come-and-go from my part-time position. Once, in the dead of winter when it was very cold, I wore jeans. First thing in the door she exclaimed “Jeans?! None of ‘them’ have ever worn jeans!” Meaning none of the other gals who had held my job. That one statement…classifing me with “them”… really let me know where I stood. I was just another person warming that desk chair temporarily and nothing I did was ever good enough. It was all down hill after that and I was only there for a year.

    P.S. She wore skirts exclusively. Including denim skirts. Hummmm??

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