It’s Friday! That means “Dispatches”!

Please ignore the fact that I nearly forgot to write said “Dispatches” and had to retype the title of this post at least twice because I kept spelling Dispatches as Dispacthes.

Sigh. It’s really been that kind of week. Let’s just end well with some random thoughts:

• I just had to look up the word unnecessary in order to spell it correctly. It was as if the word had been wiped clean off my brain. Sheesh.

• Haircut day is tomorrow! Squeal! I’ve started going to a good salon, that while a bit expensive, treats you SO well. They do color in small rooms in the back so you don’t feel like the weirdo with what looks like mud on your hair sitting under some weird steamer or light thing who everyone stares at when they walk into the salon. It’s a genius idea, really. Because I don’t want to be seen by the world when color is dripping onto my forehead. This salon also treats you like a celeb, even though you’re not. Numerous offers of something to drink and personal attention galore. I’ll be hanging out with Giovanni for awhile while he paints color onto my hair with a brush (seriously) and then see Laura Beth for a haircut. I’m thinking of losing some length. All you boys who say “but guys love long hair”: You’ll have to deal with it. It’s my hair.

• I have this fear. . .that I may be getting sick. I’ve been having lovely sinus headaches all week and am starting to feel congestion in my chest. Plus I just feel blah. Let’s hope for the best!

• Have you ever been on a team or group project and spend the entire time wondering why you’re on the team? I have—and currently am. I am so confused about what I’m supposed to be doing and how I can add to a team I’m on at work. BLEH!

• I want to make this recipe: Apple walnut cinnamon roll cupcakes.

• A coworker just told me that cargo pants were not highly favored in the dress code. Guess who’s wearing cargo pants?

• Would it be lame to lie on my couch tonight and do nothing?

• My friend Alisha and I have begun a Couch Potato to 5K plan and are working toward running 3 miles consistently by the end of the year. Then, in January, we plan to start training for the Country Music Half Marathon. ACK! We both really want to say we’ve done it. I was supposed to run yesterday, but didn’t because of the headache. So I’m guessing I’ll be running on Saturday or Sunday. We’ll see!

That’s it for today! Hope you all have fantastic weekends?


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