Reasons I love fall

Fall has always been my favorite season, followed by spring. I guess you could say I like the more temperate seasons, but I prefer to think I like the transitional seasons. Here are some of the reasons I like fall:


• I grew up on a farm. We all know that everything and everyone at some point, comes to an end. If you live on a farm schedule, fall is the end of the cycle. You’ve planted, you’ve cared for the crops, and sometime in the fall, the harvest is generally complete. There will be prep work to do over the winter and plans to make, but for the moment, all you can do has been done and the harvest is over. Whether it was a good or bad yield doesn’t matter so much in the moment when the harvest is complete because all that matters is that you have done the job well.

• I love the falling leaves and the crazy color show God’s creation displays each year.

• Hot coffee that causes steam to rise into the air when you take it outside on a brisk morning.

• Chili and grilled cheese. Somehow, for me, that’s a fall comfort meal.

• The crunch of fallen, dry leaves under your feet when you walk.

• The smell of fall on brisk mornings: a mixture of damp leaves, frost, spices, and promise.

• The way the cool mornings seem to energize you.

• Fire in the fireplace!

• Boots, sweaters, and long-sleeved T-shirts

• Having the a/c off and not yet turning on the heat in your house.

• Being cool enough to need a light blanket, but not freezing.

• Evenings spent curled in the chair with a good book, show, or movie, my dog, and a hot cup of coffee.

• The World Series, even if the Cards aren’t playing in it.

• Homecoming pictures from my alma mater, the University of Missouri, colored with my own memories of that special weekend.

• Clear nights when the stars seem brighter than usual.

• Scarves

• Pumpkin cakes, muffins, and breads

What’s your favorite season? Why?


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