It’s FRIDAY! For some reason, the last few weeks have all been the longest weeks known in the history of man. This one has been no exception.

But I know what will brighten all of your Fridays and lessen the load of an extremely long week: “Dispatches.” Don’t deny that you’ve been hankering for some good ol’ “Dispatches” since Tuesday. You know you have. . . .or at least let me believe that.

• I had forgotten how annoying wearing glasses 24/7 can be. I’ve really come to rely on my contacts that correct my vision everywhere, including peripheral vision. My doctors have long told me that they can correct my vision completely with contacts while they really can’t with glasses, so waiting for my new contacts to arrive is not something I’m doing patiently. It’s also difficult to put on make-up and stuff when you can’t see your face clearly unless you use the WAY magnified side of the make-up mirror and press your face right up against the glass.

• I’m taking my parents’ car in for an oil change this morning before I drive to MO. Apparently, the Toyota Camry hybrid is VERY smart and it puts this big message on your dashboard when you need an oil change that says “Maintanence Required.” It will NOT go off until you get the oil change, which means you can’t see how good you’re doing on mileage or what temp it is outside or all the fun things that the computer can tell you when you’re bored on a long drive.

• I got my iPhone. I was unaware that you could love a phone this much. I am making a promise to you not to become one of those people who is on their iPhone all the time rather than engaging with the real people around them. Hold me accountable!

• I am going to a high school football game (I think) in Missouri tonight. This could end badly, seeing that I understand only a small portion of football. Oh, yell. I’ll yell loudly!

• I woke up with a charley horse this morning. In my left calf. It was not pleasant. NOT AT ALL!

• I bought a half gallon of chocolate milk on a whim this week. It was the best whim I’ve had in a long time.

• I’m thinking my haircut next week may involve a significant loss of length. Can we all live with that?

• Have you guys seen those commercials for that Shout Color Catcher thing that’s supposed to catch the colors that would run in the wash, making it where you can wash reds with whites without fear? Is there any way that thing works? I’m the queen of separating clothes and will admit that sometimes I even over separate, so it probably won’t be a product I purchase, but I am intrigued.

On that note (laundry=lame), let’s get on with our weekends! Have a happy Friday and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Dispatches!”

  1. Shout Color Catcher really does work! I use it especially on some of Jeanna’s dresses that have red & white together, and it doesn’t bleed over! Amazing!

    I understand about the football thing. Maybe it would have been different if our school had a football team. I hate going to “real” games because I have a hard time following the ball. At least on the TV, the camera follows it for you!

  2. I love your “Dispatches” and totally stole the idea. Call mine “bits and pieces”. Did one on Friday but felt in the mood again this morning. Is that the A.D.D. in me? So many random thoughts flying through my head on my way to work, that I couldn’t wait to get here and type them all up. haha

    I also love when you do recipes. The pictures help to show us that home cooking is very doable. I made something new over the weekend and wished I would have taken pictures. Especially since it turned out good.

    Have a great week.

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