Thursday, I’m putting you on notice.

Today (Thursday) and I aren’t BFFs.

Let’s just talk a little about what all has happened since that blessed moment my alarm blared into action at 5 a.m.

First up, I would like—just once in the last 7 days or so—to wake up and NOT have my first thought to be, “Man, I have a massive headache again.” Really, that would just be so nice. Because of the headaches every morning Ibuprofen and I have become BFFs. But that really has nothing to do with today and my problem with Thursday.

So, I hit snooze a few times and then shuffle downstairs to walk the dog and then feed her. She wakes up in way too good of a mood and really enjoys her food. After feeding her, I shuffled back upstairs to my bed, sat back down and read Scripture, took notes, and prayed.

Actually, that was a nice time, even if it did run a little over and I had to rush around to get in the shower and out the door somewhere near 7 a.m. About 6:10 a.m., I walked into my bathroom, put in my contacts, brushed my teeth and took my medication. Then, I got in the shower. While in the shower, my right eye and contact started bothering me a lot, but there wasn’t much I could do about it while I was in the shower. It’s not like I have a mirror in there and could investigate why it felt like it had crawled up under my eyelid and was simultaneously attacked the inside corner of my eye. It just hurt and I couldn’t really see, so I kept my eye closed.

Looking into the mirror after my shower, I discovered that my contact wasn’t just being weird. It was torn, almost in two and making a Pac Man shape over my eye. No wonder it hurt! I took it out and threw it away and realized it was my last contact. SCORE! I guess it’s glasses for the next few days!

Not being able to see makes getting ready a bit more difficult, especially since I’m not used to the adjustments I have to make when I’m not wearing my contacts because I rarely do that anymore. It’s hard to put on make-up when you just can’t see your face or how to do the eyeliner. After muddling through make-up and drying my hair, it was time to get dressed. I grabbed a pair of pants that I generally like because they fit well, but they felt a little off today—just a bit too snug.


Then there was fun times getting to work, like when I was almost run over by a souped-up Lincoln or Buick like the one my grandparents drove in the 1980s.

Plus, I have a meeting at 11:15 which is generally when I go to lunch and I need to run, buy my brother a birthday gift, do laundry, pack, and possibly attend an event for the women’s Bible study I’m doing at my church. I don’t think I can manage it all . . .

If I post something tomorrow, you’ll know I lived through Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Thursday, I’m putting you on notice.”

  1. Father I lift up Mandy to you this morning. I pray that her day is already going better. I thank you, Lord, that she knows You and loves you so much that she takes those precious morning minutes to read your Word and talk to you. I thank you also that she is so willing to share her faith with an online community of strangers. What a blessing! You know her busy schedule, but please give her a few refreshing minutes to just breathe deeply and relax. Amen.

  2. Seriously? I heard you got an iPhone to play with today. And really, I’m tight with Friday, and I heard you are leaving for MO tomorrow. Plus if it wasn’t for me The Office and 30 Rock wouldn’t come on TV. I am kind of a big deal.

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