It’s Friday! Meaning the weekend is on the way!

Too bad all I feel like doing is wearing pajamas and lying around eating junk food. Should this continue, I’ll only be able to wear pajamas seeing that they’re pretty much the only stretchy-topped pants I own.

And before you send out the forces of good to reclaim me from the laziness or signs of depression you think you see here, don’t. I’m just tired and could use some time where I sleep as long as I want and aren’t running around at 80 miles an hour all day, every day. Too bad that probably won’t happen this weekend, since I could use it!

Anyway. . .let’s get on with the show!

• Today, I bribed myself to get out of bed and get ready for work. You can go by McDonald’s and get breakfast burritos if you get up and get ready and go to work, I promised myself. So, to reward myself for successfully stumbling out of bed and into the day, I did! And sadly, for the second week in a row (and the second week I’ve used this particular bribe on myself) the OJ machine was out of order. Really? FIX THE MACHINE!

• I lost my Nike+ sensor briefly yesterday. I could not locate it and knew it had previously been in the little drawstring bag I keep all my iPod paraphanelia in. But the bag had gotten inadvertantly turned over in the passenger’s seat of the car. I knew the sensor had to be one of two places: in the car or on the dresser in my bedroom. I located the sensor last night in the back floorboard of the car. I also found a Curves buck that belongs to my mom (I’m still borrowing their car). My mom is an avid member of Curves, the workout place for women, and she earns Curves bucks for going 3 times a week and other things. I’m not sure what you can get with the Curves bucks, but I feel the need to return it to her.

• Should I be upset that the president of the company, who sends birthday cards to every employee, didn’t send me one? Should I take this as a bad omen?

• I’m an avid fan of Bobbi Brown makeup. I. Love. It. And often, I simply order my makeup online and have it delivered because it’s easier than going to Cool Springs and they often have free things they’ll add to your order that you don’t get at the store. A few weeks ago, I ordered some stuff, including a lipstick, and it arrived broken, right where at the base of the lipstick, which means the lipstick is hard to apply and I’m left with a nearly new lipstick that I can only apply with a lipstick brush. Which annoys me.

• Why is it so cold at work? Why? I understand it’s hard to regulate the heat and a/c in this kind of weather, but do we have to be able to hang meat in here? I will be wearing a blanket poncho soon!

• My phone and I are so breaking up. Don’t tell my phone, but I’m counting the days until the iPhone arrives. And it’s been ordered, thanks to my parents giving me money for my birthday!

• A girl I go to church with used to go on ad nausem about the Avett Brothers. I’d tune her out because she and I don’t like the same kind of music and she just talked SO much about it. But, um, she was so ahead of the game on this one. The Avett Brothers are pretty much awesome.

• I think tickets go on sale for Andrew Peterson’s Christmas show at the Ryman today. Anyone want to go? It’s on December 16 at 7:30 p.m.

Well, I have miles to go before I sleep. Happy Friday, all!


6 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. Is that anything like a Snuggie?

    As much as I want to go, I’m not sure if we can make the AP show this year – having a 15 yo really messes up some plans!! I’ll check with Jason and see what he thinks and let you know. But if we do go, we’ll have Cody.

  2. Janice – maybe Cody would really like the concert.

    Mandy – I think you should proclaim tonight as Mandy-will-take-a-soak-in-the-tub-do-her-toenails-sip-on-tea-and-go-to-bed-by-9PM night.

  3. Tessa from work said she might want to go! Yay!

    Mindy: I painted my toenails last night. Rachel didn’t come over b/c she knew Alisha and I were doing something. . . I was like, Rachel, I was home by 6 p.m.!

    Scott: The OJ fiasco is ridiculous. I deserve my fake OJ and food that isn’t good for me but for some reason I like it! I deserve it! OK, maybe I just went a wee bit overboard. 🙂

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