A tired tirade.

Some days, I wake up in the BEST MOOD EVER.

Today is not one of them.

Today, I actually woke up tired. Which to be honest is so the norm in my life I think I might as well start calling it normal and start getting surprised when I wake up feeling rested.

Yesterday afternoon got a little stressful for me just with realizing everything I have to do at work on various projects and knowing I have a finite amount of time and am just one person. One tired, grumpy little person. Who is desperately trying to do everything well, maniacally scheduling her time at work, and desperately praying for an attitude change and a new perspective.

Sometimes, you just get tired. Tired of stress, tired of worrying, tired of trying to juggle everything at work and maintain relationships outside of work. Sometimes, your car loses oil pressure and goes into the shop for who knows how long. Sometimes, you worry you won’t have enough money to cover it. Sometimes, you just want to say all those things and not have anyone try to fix them, give you advice, or tell you what to do.

I know what I need to do in most of the areas I mentioned. God and I are working on some things. I know the Truth and I’m pursuing it. It’s just that that isn’t always an easy pursuit, and we aren’t guaranteed problem-free lives.

So today, I woke up early and wanted to snuggle back into my covers and cry myself to sleep. But I got up and read my Bible anyway.

Because I firmly believe that God can and will redeem all things.

Even a poor attitude and a tired, weary heart.


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