I’ve been waiting

I’ve been waiting for someone to call me out on the fact that I kinda sorta lied to you all.

Well, when it comes to lying, there’s no kinda or sorta about it. You either did or you didn’t.

And I promised a recipe post would be up on Wednesday . . . and in case you haven’t noticed, I pulled one over on you and wrote all about how I was trying to write a work of fiction.

The excuses are many and involve a slightly crazy work schedule, car issues, and participating in the Wednesday night Bible study at my church which means I have to be there at 5:45 p.m. and stay until choir rehearsal is over somewhere between 8:30 and 8:45 p.m. And I keep forgetting to upload the pictures I took to accompany the article onto Flickr. Recipe posts aren’t hard to write, but they are tedious.

And I haven’t had time for tedious these last few days.

But I do promise that sometime in the VERY near future, food posts will reappear on a regular basis on this blog. I realize that promise means next to nothing when you’ve broken previous ones, but I mean it.

I’ve been learning how to balance my schedule and use my time wisely this year and devote myself to the things I feel are most important or that I’m specifically called to. It’s a hard learning curve for the girl whose first inclination is to say yes to everything. So bear with me as I fumble around and sometimes let this blog become the thing I drop. Hopefully, we’ll all come out on the other side healthier and better stewards of our time, talents, and resources!


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