Are you trying to annoy me?

I have pet peeves. We all do.

But I often fail to realize mine until someone does it and I get all bent out of shape. Usually, this involves me getting angry at said person but keeping it all inside and said person never knows that they’ve annoyed/frustrated/angered me.

Today, I walked into my office to find one of my pet peeves had happened. I don’t mind people coming into my office when I’m not there and getting a file or info they need to complete their work. That’s fine. JUST PUT EVERYTHING BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT! Were the files laying on my desk? I think not. So new rule: if you borrow something, put it back where you found it.

Other pet peeves I’m realizing:
• People who come to meetings and talk the whole time and never let others get a word in edgewise. This is worse when the talker is in charge, talks quickly and doesn’t really lay out a vision, then gives you an assignment. I recently had a meeting like that and I left feeling like Chandler on FRIENDS when he inadvertently agrees to move to Tulsa in such a meeting.

• People who don’t listen to you, but are thinking about what they’re going to say next the entire time you’re trying to respond or otherwise communicate with them.

• Interrupting. I sometimes do this and I can sincerely say that I’m working on it.

• People who don’t abide by the big arrow that tells them to get over because the lane is ending. It’s not magically going to extend simply because you’re the one driving in it.

• Not responding to messages. I emailed someone yesterday about a work issue and I can’t continue on my part of the work until I hear back from her. . . . I will be calling her at some point today.

• Not keeping people in the loop. My car has been in the shop for almost a week and I’ve yet to hear anything. This is not good communication.

The list could go on. . . .but I’ve got stuff to do. Have a happy Tuesday. Come back tomorrow for a stellar recipe for lasagna.


4 thoughts on “Are you trying to annoy me?”

  1. Just to make you smile:
    When I was at Maryville, I had a neighbor who was an ESL student. She brought over her dictionary, translation book, and her homework because she was struggling with the word “pet peeve”. When I explained to her what it meant, she looked at me and said, “You have such a funny language!”

  2. Was this me? I apologize. I hate taking things without letting someone know I did it, and I wavered between putting it back (and risk putting it in the wrong place) and putting it in your chair where you’d see that I took it.

    I am a little paranoid, obvs. Sorry!

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