It’s a tragedy! An emergency! It’s really bad!

Let it suffice to say that today and this week in general seems a little daunting, at least now at the very beginning.

There’s the fact that an issue of the magazine goes to the printer today. And a big conference my department is in charge of and I have duties at begins this afternoon. And I have to be here until 5:30 p.m. And most of the magazine team is traveling to Kansas City (I’m not going) for a focus group this weekend. So there are things to pack, print, ship, and otherwise get ready.

To say that I’m stressed would be a bit of an understatement.

But the real emergency is that I only have a little coffee at work. . . and it’s not enough to even make a cup.

This is a dire, dire time.

But never fear! Coke Zero has come to rescue.

A few sips. Then I’m off to pack the focus group box, talk to the graphic designer on the phone about getting the magazine out the door, and hope that I put on enough deodorant.

If that’s an overshare, well, then I’m sorry. I’ve got a lot to do and it’s a legitimate concern this week! 🙂

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