Hey, guys! It’s me, Mandy! Over here. . .

I have big news to tell you. . . .


I don’t know how your week has gone, but mine has been long and stressful and full of work and staying late and wondering if my brain had indeed exploded.

And if your week has been anything like that, I know just what you need. DISPATCHES!!!!!!

Let’s go!

• I made a table runner for a table decoration for a small dinner party I’m hosting on Saturday night. It is not well done. The bobbin ran out of thread when I was adding supposedly decorative stitching and I ran out of patience and/or care, so I just called it done. If you see it, do not look closely!

• I dropped my dog off to get her hair cut today. She has had a massive poodle ‘fro for about a month. She’ll be a whole new dog when I pick her up this afternoon! I also transported her to said hair appointment in my very stupid rental car. It’s a Chevy HHR and it has an odor inside. I had to say that I wouldn’t transport pets in the rental car when I got it, but poodles don’t shed and this was unavoidable.

• I heard that Will and Josh Hoge are playing at the Tin Roof on September 25. Who wants to go? I’ve never seen Will Hoge perform and I heart his records. Tickets are $15. I saw Josh Hoge open for Andy Davis once and it was a good show. I’d love to see them both.

• I also have a Southwest voucher, a bunch of American Airlines frequent flyer miles, and some vacation days I need to use. Where should I go? What should I do? Who wants to come with me?

• I didn’t bring my lunch. Who’s buying?

• I recently started using HootSuite to do Twitter stuff for work. It’s working out well. 🙂

• Could someone come do my laundry? I don’t wanna. (And I’m aware that I’m whining.)

Oh, well, much to do. Have a happy Friday, friends!


2 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. Considering I’d be a little like Ivy on Project Runway last night if you were doing my house chores, you probably don’t want that. . . . but if you ever need to use my washer and dryer to do your own laundry, you can. I don’t charge.

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