Food for thought

Ever gone to a restaurant to meet friends and gotten there first? The staff seats you and you sit there, alone and waiting, feeling lonely, conspicuous, and lame.

Why? Why is that moment so lonely?

Because you’re in a restaurant and food, like music, is sometimes best when it’s a shared experience. Think about your favorite meal ever. I’m willing to bet very few of us were alone. And while the magnificent food is part of the reason that meal was so great, it was also great because of who you shared it with. You remember the conversation, the laughter, the honesty, the whatever happened.

Food was meant to be shared.

And as someone who LOVES food, that’s part of the reason I post cooking posts on this blog. But it’s also the reason I sometimes whip up a big meal and invite random friends over for meals. When you invite someone into your home to sit at your table and eat food you’ve prepared (or purchased), you’re inviting them into your life. You’re serving them in a most basic way. You’re giving them a gift of grace and love, whether you realize it or not. You’re creating community.

And I’d like to do more of that. I don’t know what that will be just yet, but maybe there’s someway I can be more intentional about inviting friends and acquaintances into my home for a shared meal and a shared conversation.

So don’t be surprised someday when you get a random invite to dinner at my house. 🙂


One thought on “Food for thought”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree that sharing a meal is SO important for real community. Just look at how many meals Jesus shared with others!

    And for the record, I also don’t like to watch stand-up comedy alone. Laughter is also meant to be shared!

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