Food Favorites

Last week, I posted the 20th recipe on my Cook’s Corner page. And since that’s kind of a milestone and due to the fact that I’ve got so much going on this week that making a new recipe just hasn’t been possible, I thought we’d talk about some of my favorite recipes posted here over the past few months.

(Think of it as one of those flashback/clip shows that reminds you why you started watching the sitcom in the first place.)

Favorite breakfast recipe: Cheesy tomato mushroom strata

This is a breakfast casserole of sorts, and we all know my love of eggs. Perfect for a lazy weekend morning, and you can make it ahead of time, stick it in the fridge, and bake it in the morning. That’s always a plus!

Favorite entree recipe: Pesto cream sauce with bacon, mushrooms, and green onions

I also have a soft spot for all things pasta. And this creamy pesto sauce didn’t disappoint. It’s especially lovely with the bacon and green onions. I kind of wish I had some right now, which is weird since it’s only 8 a.m.

Favorite dessert: Mandy’s “Make It Work” Trifle


Yes, this recipe was born of a mistake (I destroyed the layers of my cake trying to get them out of the pans), but it was still quite yummy. It’s always a good thing when something you make up on the fly becomes something you’d definitely serve again!

Most attention-garnering recipe: A summer frittata recipe
I’m not going to lie. This frittata was yummy! It was a perfect summer supper and could even come into play at breakfast if you so desired. I like it best at dinner, though, with a garden salad on the side. And my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Favorite all-time recipe: Peach Cobbler

In case you were unaware, peach cobbler is just about my favorite dessert ever. And this recipe makes me happy! (But I recently made blackberry cobbler and it rocked, too! Maybe I just LOVE cobbler!)

Hope you enjoy these recipes! Have a good day!


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