I just don’t understand. . .

On a Monday morning on a week that may prove to be one of the hottest yet this summer, I give you a list of a few things I just don’t get:

• Why the bottoms of some women’s shoes are slick. Who thought making shoes with slick soles was a good idea? I mean, do they just want women to fall down and hurt themselves? Or in my case, have their foot slip off the gas pedal while driving to work? I’m not asking for much, just a tiny bit of traction on the bottom of the shoe.

• Why my dog woke me up coughing? Do dogs have sinuses? Can they have head colds? B/c Muffin seems to have something going on.

• Why I don’t really like healthy bread. I made this bread a week ago. It has oats, whole wheat flour and some white flour in it. It’s healthy and it’s pretty good. But I have to make myself eat it. I’d rather have white bread!

• Why the St. Louis Cardinals traded Ludwick. I liked him. Why do they always trade away my favorite players? I mean, I’m still pining for Eckstein!

• Why everything BIG, exciting, and busy seems to happen at the same time in my life. I have lots of responsibilities this week at work, at home, and at church. Bible study is at my house on Tuesday. A friend comes in on Thursday. I have plans with friends, a conference I’m excited about, and 15 other things, it seems.

• Why my dog hates bicycles. I don’t understand it, but she HATES bicycles and has since she was a wee pup. Last night, we took a big walk around the complex around 8 p.m. and she say a guy on a bike and had some sort of conniption fit that included her slipping her head right out of her collar. Bad dog!

• Why Mondays feels so bad. Bleh.

• Why I’m starving when I had a good breakfast!

Oh, well. Off to do some work. Have a good one!


2 thoughts on “I just don’t understand. . .”

  1. Our 6YO seemed to think the Cardinals trading Ludwick was a personal attack on him. We were watching the game yesterday, and he said, “I wonder why Ludwick isn’t playing.” I told him he was traded and playing for the Padres. He actually got quite angry saying, “They always do that. Trade my favorite ones. I don’t like the Cardinals anymore!” He was a huge Eckstein and Rolen fan. If they ever get rid of Pujols or Molina, he might actually quit watching 🙂

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