Good intentions

So, I had plans to revive my struggling food posts today. It is a Tuesday, after all.

But it’s also the Tuesday after a long July 4 weekend and despite my good intentions AND the fact that I uploaded pics to Flickr of this week’s recipe (double crust peach cobbler), I don’t actually have the recipe with me and can’t remember the exact measurements of some of the ingredients. I remember a lot of them, but I can’t remember the amount of shortening to put in the crust and that’s kind of important. So how about we just call a spade a spade, admit that the first day back after a few days off is always a little difficult, and say that we’ll post that recipe tomorrow. Is that alright with you?

That said, let’s discuss cobbler. I know for most people in the South, a cobbler involves a biscuit-like topping that’s plopped on top of the fruit and baked. I’m from the Midwest, though, and in my neck of the woods, cobbler involves a double crust. The crust is a little thicker than pie crust and when combined with the fruit and a little vanilla ice cream, you’re in for a treat! I’ll eat the cobbler that involves Bisquick or biscuit-type topping, but it’s not my favorite—it’s only really good when it’s piping hot and reheating doesn’t quite achieve the same effect.

My Grandma Ruby made the best peach cobbler I’ve ever had. Eventually, I found a recipe that kind of tastes like her’s, which I’m sure she made sans recipe. My grandma was an amazing cook, but sadly, that was one of the very first things she lost to dementia. And if she could cook me just one more thing in this life, I’d ask for her peach cobbler, crust rolled out on the worn counters in her kitchen with the pine cabinents, a smile on her face. I miss that Grandma, but I know that she’s gone, so I make the best of each moment I have with her.

And maybe someday soon, I’ll get to take her a piece of my peach cobbler. I think she’d like that.


2 thoughts on “Good intentions”

  1. Ha! My peach cobbler is one of the reasons I am awesome. 😉

    Recently, some work friends and I were talking about the best meal we ever ate. I couldn’t think of one, but I think it would include my Grandma Ruby’s peach cobbler, my Grandma Polly’s green beans, and my mom’s roast, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese.

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