For a week that started out with three days of vacation, this work week sure has seemed long. (I realize that makes absolutely NO sense, but it’s the way I feel. And you can’t argue with the way I feel!)

But I bet you’re glad “Dispatches” is back. You missed me didn’t you? Little ol’ me? You missed me; you really missed me! (Oh, whatever. Let me believe what I want to believe!)

Anyway, welcome to “Dispatches.” Let’s get on with the show and the LONG weekend!

• I went to St. Louis earlier this week. I had sort of forgotten how much I love St. Louis. Don’t let people tell you differently: this city rocks. It’s a historic city and full of fun and interesting history things, plus there are the Cardinals, the Zoo (much of which is free), Forest Park, the Fox, the Muny (both the Fox and Muny are theaters where you can see musicals and plays); museums, and the Arch. The people are friendly; there’s good food; and it’s the home of the Cardinal Nation. What’s not to like?

• I’m wearing a black tank top with ruffles down the front a la a ruffly tuxedo shirt. I think it’s awesome. If you tell me otherwise I might punch you in the face!

• A friend told me that the secret to making good cookies was cooking them at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time. So I made chocolate chip cookies last night and thought I’d give it a try. I baked the cookies at 300 degrees for about 30 minutes and they came out puffy and perfectly round. They’re beautiful. And I may be talked into sharing a few. But not many. . .

• Something I discovered yesterday: I don’t like iced coffee with almond syrup. Please don’t make me drink it ever again.

• I’m going home from work today and taking a nap. Don’t judge. If you saw me, you’d understand that I need the sleep.

• Are there any good movies coming out I need to go see? I’m kind of in a going-to-the-movies mood and haven’t a clue what’s good. Thoughts?

• I still don’t understand soccer, but I’m sad the US lost. Also, I really, really like Wimbledon. I have no idea why. The portion of my weekend not spent sleeping may be spent watching tennis. Is that weird?

Well, it’s time to get this party started! See you on the other side! (And Fido Fridays? It’s on!)


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