Dispatches, sort of

Have you ever had a couple of days that just kind of left you with a bad taste in your mouth? A couple of days that maybe left you feeling beat up, though nothing was really that bad or upsetting or scary, but nothing actually went very well?

That’s the last couple of days for me. Let’s start with Wednesday night.

After getting home from work, I noticed the radiator fan was running on my car after I shut the ignition off. Not being as dumb about matters as several people thought I was, I immediately restarted the car and then turned it off several times. The fan still ran. I went inside and thought I’d see if for some unknown reason my car just needed to cool down more than usual. So 45 minutes later the fan was still going and I was beginning to understand that my battery could very well run down. So I called my dad and we spent some time with him trying to help me look at the motor and giving suggestions of what to do and me saying, “Dad, I have no idea what I’m looking at!” Me and motors aren’t close friends. A neighbor tried to help, which was nice, but he actually wasn’t too helpful. And he was barefoot on blacktop in the blistering heat (which was further blistering the sunburn). Finally, I drove to a nearby garage where they helped me loosen a battery cable to reset the fan and told me where to take my car to the shop the next day. (The shop I drove to didn’t work on foreign cars.) I called my friend Rachel to take me to church and all was well.

Yesterday morning my car started fine and I drove to the garage my new friend had suggested. I had no appointment, so they had to work me in and informed me it could take a couple of days. Apprehension waved over me, then common sense kicked in and I got in problem-solving mode. I asked for the number of a rental car company and checked with a friend who I thought might possibly be on her way to work and could drop me off at mine. She was already at work and the rental car agencies phones were still forwarding, so I had to wait until 8 a.m. to start making calls. Then, things got bad. The rental car agency had no cars and NEVER called me back. I started calling Enterprise because they would pick me up. I called one and was told I wasn’t calling the nearest location to me and was given another number to call. At the location nearest to me, they had no cars. I asked the guy if any rental places had cars and basically, he told me no. I don’t know if the fleet was damaged in the flood or people who lost cars are renting or what. It was just sort of frustrating, especially when he said “I don’t know what to tell you.” Eventually, I called a coworker to come get me and got to work. From there, I called and made a reservation for a rental car in the afternoon, when apparently they would have cars. I’d just call, they’d pick me up; I’d be on my way.

WRONG! I was told when I called that someone was leaving from the Lafayette location in 5 to 6 minutes to pick me up. Twenty minutes later, no one had shown up, so I called back to the person I’d made the reservation with. I was informed by someone else at that location that my reservation had been transferred to the Lafeyette location and they couldn’t help me, I’d have to call the Lafayette location. I basically said no one had told me that (they hadn’t) and I didn’t have their number. An employee of the Lafayette location then called me back and informed me I was going to have to be patient. I wasn’t impatient; I was working off the information I’d been given. And I wasn’t being rude to her on the phone. I just listened, though, and thought to myself that I’d been told someone had left to get me 30 minutes before. Eventually, she said someone was on the way. By that time it was pouring and I had to run out to the car and got completely soaked. It was awesome. I finally got the paperwork figured out and got the car, which they gave to me on empty. It was 5 p.m. or so, it was pouring, Nashville traffic was a mess. I finally got home around 6 p.m., where I quickly ordered pizza to make myself feel better.

Because pizza makes me happy. That may not be healthy, but I don’t care!


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