When I long for home

Last night, I went to a Square Peg Alliance house concert. A friend had invited me and I was tired, but it seemed like the perfect setting to hear the likes of Andrew Peterson, Randall Goodgame, Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn, Jeremy Casella, Ben Shive, and others.

It didn’t disappoint.

Let me explain further by telling you a little story. I know people who tell me all the time (usually after some sort of church music event), “It felt a little like I think heaven must be like.” I don’t say that often, because I don’t think that’s a phrase to be thrown around lightly. Oh, there are moments. Quiet ones during the holy moments of communion, the moments of remembrance, the knowledge that Jesus said these words and ate this symbolic meal. Moments when I’m singing. Moments when in the middle of a congregational song when we’ve sung the words Scripture attests the angels sing to Christ and I realize that what I’m doing here is the same thing that’s happening in heaven. Those are good moments, but they’re fleeting moments.

I think about heaven a lot though. But when I think about heaven, I don’t think about singing. I think about Jesus. I think about going home. I think about seeing the eyes of the One who loves me and hearing the voice that has called me His own. I think about a tight embrace, a hand on the crown of my head. I think about nail-scarred hands on my cheeks, wiping away every tear I’ve ever cried with His thumbs. When I think about heaven, I think about Jesus. I think about community, belonging, acceptance, and love. I think about home.

And last night was a little like I think heaven will be like. Beauty was appreciated and lifted up as something God created. Truth with a capital T was valued and declared. Love, acceptance, and friendship filled a small room. We all acknowledged a God who had led us along varied paths, but has had His hand on our lives and a Savior who would rather die for us that let go of us. I think in heaven we’ll all lift our voices in praise and adoration and these songs of truth might just be part of the soundtrack. Or at least they’re helping us to start the praise and adoration now before we all go home. Because that’s what heaven is: home.

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” —Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis


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