I actually got a comment today that read:

It’s 9 a.m. on a Friday morning. Where are my dispatches???!!!!

(Exclamation points, question marks, and emphasis may be mine, but the comment is real.)

Anyway. . . yeah, it’s late and the readers are restless. I’ve spent all this time telling you guys that you LOVE “Dispatches” that you actually believe it now.

It was all part of my plan! Bwa ha ha ha!

Anyway, “Dispatches.” Let’s go.

• “Dispatches” are late because of a big division-wide meeting we have quarterly. There was financial information discussed and I’ve been here 7 years and none of it makes any sort of sense to me.

• This week has been BUSY! I went to a live album recording on Monday night at a local venue with some friends of mine. On Tuesday, I saw The Swell Season at the Ryman and it was perfect and amazing and had the encore that lasted forever that I wanted to end so I could sleep but not to end so that I could hear the music forever. On Wednesday I had work and choir practice and only 5 hours of sleep. Yesterday, I was in a sad mood and a friend offered to go have coffee with me, which resulted in 2 hours and 15 minutes of talking, listening, and coffee, and feeling much better when I left. I sort of feel like I’ve been going at warp speed since last week sometime.

• At the concert, my friend Mindy and I noticed this person in the balcony who was sort of a “Pat.” You know what I mean if you watched SNL back in the day. Mindy asked if the person was a man or a woman. We decided she was a she, but seriously, she had the hairstyle of Donna’s dad on “That ’70s Show.” For reals.

• Today when I got to work, two coworkers pointed out that a new name badge had been put on an office that’s been vacant for about 3 months. We’re wondering if they hired someone to fill that vacancy, but it’s really weird and out of character that they put the name up on the office door BEFORE they announced the hiring to us.

• The Cardinals won yesterday (yay!) and the Cubs lost. It was a good day, baseball-y speaking. And speaking of baseball, yesterday when I was in the midst of editing a friend stopped by and we started talking about the game. And I said that I didn’t know how the Cards had scored the “points” that they had b/c I’d been busy. I said “Points,” people. Not “runs.” I have no idea why. I guess when you’ve just written a sidebar about how many points a touchdown gets or are in the middle of editing something completely off topic, weird things start falling out of your mouth.

• I want/need/long for a vacation. Or time when I’m not thinking about work, how far behind I am, or stressed about something or the other.

• I’m thinking of making gyros and homemade tzatziki sauce this weekend. Anybody wanna come over?Anybody made it before?

• I love it when I get lyrics of songs stuck in my head and it’s basically the same lyric over and over. Sometimes, I even start singing or saying them before I realize it—in public, mind you. And the lyrics are never appropriate. Right now, I have two lines from the same song by the Swell Season that are stuck in my head and I’ve burst out singing them a few times, but no one has been around. The lyrics are “You were restless; I was somewhere less secure” and “Maybe I was born to hold you in these arms.” Um, yeah. I probably shouldn’t sing that second one here at work. Things could get AWKWARD!

That said, enjoy what’s left of your Friday morning!


3 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. I was going to skip lunch today….but now I’m hungry for gyros. No desire to try to make my own though, I’ll leave that to the Greek place in town that has the best homemade tzatziki ever!

  2. I stopped in at a Greek place earlier this week for take-out and there was a big thing on the wall that Guy Fieri had been there for Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (or however that goes). It was good!

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