Ah, it’s Friday. And I couldn’t be happier. Except that Thursday felt a lot like Friday and I really didn’t want to get up today.

But, alas, I did, because I knew you guys would be looking forward to “Dispatches.” Yes, you guys. Don’t deny it. No, I’m not listening to you. You LOVE “Dispatches.”

Whatever. It’s what you’re getting!

• Because we’re crazy and apparently a bit stupid, my friend Alisha and I made plans to run this morning. At 6 a.m. She came to my house and we ran a route I usually run. I think she hated me since said route involves some fairly big hills and both of us had taken an extended break from running . . . and used the extra time to eat a lot of cookies, cakes, brownies, and other things that Running made us regret.

• I kind of want to see that Letter to Juliet movie. I have no idea why, but I want to. Such a girl movie. Still, I want to see it, so if you want to watch it, too, let me know. Something could be arranged.

• I am officially going to a Cardinals game in June and I have the tickets and days off to prove it. A friend at church with connections got my family some really great seats—probably the best ones we’ve ever had. I will be in a sort of euphoria before and after this blessed event, so just prepare. And deal.

• Speaking of baseball, I heard on the news today that the property and baseball field used in the movie Field of Dreams (which I love and used to watch over and over and over. . . Hmm, I might watch it this weekend) was for sale. It’s in Iowa and if I had 5 million dollars, I might be up there snatching it up. My mom and I actually want to go there and run around on the field, which you can do. And at certain times in the month, they have players in old timey uniforms play a game on the field. I want to go to there!

• For some reason today, even if reality does not reflect this, I feel like my hair looks really good. I’m liking having longer hair again. And today, I just feel all hair model-y, even though I’m fairly sure my hair doesn’t look all that great, mostly because I got tired of drying it and kind of quit and said it looked good enough. So there’s a large portion that’s still damp and I’m at work. Highly professional, huh?

• Some of you know that I’m a fan of the TV show LOST. A few years ago, I gave up on trying to figure things out on that show. I mean, really, it’s all too confusing. So I just sat back, relaxed, watched the show and didn’t really offer up any theories on what was happening because I had no clue. Well, we’ve got about 3.5 hours left in the entire series and I have no idea how they’re going to tie things up and answer all of the questions. And if I’m still confused when the finale fades from my TV screen, you might want to come calm me down, because I may start throwing things at my TV.

Well, that’s it for today. I’ve got tons of stuff to do. Have a happy Friday and enjoy your weekends! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. I’m actually planning to stop by that field in Dyersville on my way to Wisconsin for some camping in a couple of weeks.

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