AI: You’re the inspiration

This post is a day late and a dollar short, but as Ryan says, “This is American Idol!”

It’s the top 7 and they’re singing songs of inspiration. And Siobahn is dressed like a bird about to take flight. I have no idea what is going on with her outfit.

Just so we’re all on the same page, it’s inspirational song week and Alicia Keys is the mentor. Sometimes, I think Alicia sings at the back of her throat and only uses her vocal chords, so I’m a bit iffy on this choice. But we’ll see.

Casey James “Don’t stop” by Fleetwood Mac
Alicia: encourage you to connect with the song; give it a lot of personality
• I hate what he’s wearing • Casey’s OK for me, but I don’t know if he has much personality • nice vocals in part • Song isn’t very original or different • ends kind of low-key • Not terrible, but not amazing
Randy: Good performance, wasn’t your best performance
Ellen: Great guitar playing; that wasn’t great
Kara: It was like jam band; that’s not showing us what makes you different.
Simon: That wasn’t particularly inspiring; did the song pretty much like the original

Lee Dewyze “The Boxer”by Simon and Garfunkel
Alicia: people have to feel like you are that boxer and you are that fighter
• Vocals are nice and really weird at the beginning • Feels a little vacant in places, but he’s really into the la la la part • This is the most emotional Lee has ever been; I like it! • Maybe not his best performance, but definitely a good one.
Randy: You are a great artist ready to make great music.
Ellen: Beautiful song choice; we’re seeing better and better from you.
Kara: I think you had your moment tonight with that performance.
Simon: That was sincere. It was emotional. It was inspirational.

Tim Urban “Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls
Alicia: I like it on him. Reiterate it, let people feel it.
• Tim’s vocals have improved so much from the beginning of the season • I hate when he sings in the half voice, though • Vocals get a little rough when he goes into the second verse • I feel like he’s not quite getting up on top of some of his notes • end of the performance was very nice and the vocals were good. • One of Tim’s better performances, not his best. • Sort of blah.
Randy: For me, this song was an interesting choice. It was like OK karaoke.
Ellen: Today I didn’t like the soup.
Kara: This is where you belong, but it wasn’t the best execution.
Simon: This may have been a step too high for you this week. It was a little bit of a let down.

Aaron Kelly “I Believe I Can Fly”
Alicia: This is the song that can be overkill to some.He can almost be like crying at the end of that song, then he’ll take it to a whole new place.
• Beginning vocals are good • Wow, his hair is poofy • I never heard this song as a country song. . . • Gets a little shouty and screamy at the end and wasn’t as pure as I would have hoped,which is something I know Aaron can do.
Randy: You picked a giant, giant song. You did a good job with such a giant song.
Ellen: You’re on your way.
Kara: By the end, you got there.
Simon: It wasn’t very good, but you kind of made it quite good. (What does that mean?)

Siobahn Magnus “When You Believe”
Alicia: This is no easy feat, this song. I’m very impressed with her voice.
• Seriously, what does she have on? • Vocals are nice, but I kind of hate this song • I also hate that she’s exhaling so loudly into the mic after each phrase—that’s a lack of control and not good • modulation is nice • I feel like she’s a bit unsure of the melody sometimes and a her voice is a little all over the place • High notes are nice and the ending is good. • Good, but not AMAZING.
Randy: You probably picked the toughest song of the night. It was just OK for me.
Ellen: I disagree. That was just more confirmation why you’re here.
Kara: It started to feel very dramatic. This isn’t a musical.
Simon: I don’t think that was the right song for you. Too much happened too quickly.

Michael Lynche “Hero”
Alicia: Michael’s going to be making this his own. As long as he brings people along on a ride, he’s going to do great.
• Beginning is good, nice build up into chorus • I still think there’s an enunciation issue with Big Mike • I wish he’d modulated up on that last big note, because he kind of got us to this big, exciting place, then did NOTHING  with it.
Randy: I was worried about this song choice, but you held your own with it.
Ellen: Great job
Kara: Wasn’t my favorite performance
Simon: You sang it pretty well, but the theme is inspirational songs and that was about Spider-Man, right? (I LOVE Michael’s response of shocked confusion followed by, “no, it’s about being a hero!”

Crystal Bowersox “People Get Ready”
Alicia: Crystal is very very special. Make sure you deliver.
• I like that Crystal’s wearing a dress • I love that she’s singing a capella and sounds amazing • She’s so in control of her voice and hitting notes from one end of her range to the other • I love this! • She’s crying! Apparently this song DOES mean a lot to her and I’m glad the emotion showed through!
Randy: That is how you do it!
Ellen: That was so beautiful.
Kara: Thank you so much for taking a risk. You just schooled all those contestants.
Simon: That was inspirational. I’m actually in a strange way happy to see you emotional.

Best of the night: Crystal, hands down.

In trouble: Casey, Tim, Mike, Siobahn


9 thoughts on “AI: You’re the inspiration”

  1. Have to admit that I liked Crystal. There was a moment for about 15 seconds right before she lost it that was simply spectacular. I still like Lee the best though. I liked Mike’s performance more than anybody I’ve talked to. Afterwards I was starting to think he might knock Casey out of my top three.

    I’d really like to say goodbye to Siobahn. Seriously, here fashion sense is only slightly more distracting than her voice. I’m so not with Ellen. I have no idea why Siobahn is there.

  2. First, if “Hero” was about Spider-Man, then wouldn’t “I believe I Can Fly” be about Bugs Bunny (from the Space Jam soundtrack)? Second, did anyone else catch the end when they play snippets of each performance, and notice that Crystal somehow wasn’t crying in that clip??

  3. Erica, you crack me up! I think Simon is just SO literal. For him to consider a song inspirational, it would probably have to include the word “inspiration” in the title. I didn’t watch the snippets at the end (I was watching on DVR and had already decided who I thought was best and worst, which is what I use those snippets for.) That’s just weird that she wasn’t crying.

    I thought Crystal was amazing and Lee was next in line. I thought Mike did well, but I just can’t get in to him. He’s always just OK for me, but I think that’s more my personal musical biases than reality.

    Siobahn needs to go. Maybe she could do some sort of wacky one woman show on Broadway. I think that might work for her.

  4. When they play back the contestants at the end, they have pretaped it during rehearsals. Loses some of the magic, doesn’t it? They also lip sync on the Wednesday night group songs.

    Next week they are doing Shania songs. Boooo! I liked Shania’s first album, but I’m sorry… she doesn’t have enough solid songs to pull this off next week for these contestants. I’m disappointed they chose this! Ugh.

    P.S. I praised God when Tim got kicked off last night.

  5. They lip sync badly on the Wednesday night group songs. Eek!

    Shania songs? Seriously? I laughed out loud when she was a judge earlier this season and they talked about how she had “changed the face of music.” Um, no. She may have changed the wardrobe of country music. . .

    She doesn’t have enough solid songs for the contestants to choose from. This will be a train wreck!

    (I’m secretly happy Tim is gone, too. A girl I work with thinks he’s the best contestant. I was flummoxed by this.)

  6. Thanks for that clarification, Kelly…and yes, it does take away some of the magic – however little there has been this season 😉

  7. It just goes to show how much of a differing opinion we all have…on some things. Crystal was my fave…..Lee was close behind. I like Tim, but I knew he wouldn’t hold out for much longer because he was just okay. It always impresses me when a guy openly talks about his prayer life, so maybe that is why I really liked him. I’m ready for Mike & Sibhoan to go. Casey needs to go back to singing country with an acoustic guitar or something….he’s been disappointing lately.

    I don’t know much about Shania’s music, since I only listen to Christian music now….but I wanted her to stay on as a judge in the beginning of the season instead of Ellen.

    I also want to know why there were no contemporary Christian artists to choose from for inspirational night….come on Hollywood.

  8. I have 2 of Shania’s 3 albums. Boy, are the guys going to have a hard time. I mean, one of the albums is called The Woman in Me.

    If they are smart, they’ll stay away from her hits and go with the subtle ones. I think she does have some subtle gems on the 1st album . . . but still . . . whoever made this decision is an idiot.

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