So, yeah.

You probably came over here expecting an American Idol review, right?

Well, that’s hard for me to do since I haven’t seen it yet.

It’s hard to watch American Idol when you’re sitting in DFW waiting for the gate agents to call your boarding group.

And it’s even more difficult to watch it when you walk into your house at 10 p.m. on the dot after leaving there at 5:30 a.m. a day before. With 4 flights, a whirlwind tour of the Grass Valley, CA, area, and a focus group in the interim. So, all that said, I don’t have an American Idol review today, but I will tomorrow. We’ll just have Dispatches a day early. That’s OK, right?

• On my way to work today, I saw a sign at a nightclub-ish place that caters mostly to the Hispanic population of Nashville that said this: Free Beer Ladys. I’m not even sure where to start. Maybe with the misspelling? Maybe with the confusing ways this statement could interpreted without punctuation in the form of a comma? Maybe the funny mental picture of “Beer Ladys”? Oh, well.

• I sort of have a clothing malfunction today. There’s a little part of the side zipper in my shirt where the seam has pulled away from the zipper. You can’t really tell, but I’m a little self-conscious.

• Someday, we should all take a trip to northern California. It’s beautiful! And there’s so much history in the gold-mining towns. I wish we’d had more time there. (Also, I don’t mean to discriminate against SoCal. Have you guys ever been to San Diego? It’s beautiful. Coronado. Old Town. I loved it and would love to go back.)

• I realize that I overused the word love in the previous sentence.

• My dog was happy to see me last night. She got so excited before we went to bed that she started running laps around the upstairs and chasing my feet. Even if it is a dog, it’s good to have someone who is happy you’re back.

• After the last two days of really bad eating habits (it’s hard to be healthy in airports and on the run), I’m going to have to be good for the next couple of days. But I didn’t pack my lunch today because while there is food in my house, there’s not assembled food and I didn’t have anything to make a sandwich with. So, I’m buying lunch today. 😦

• I ordered a new makeup brush from Sephora a week or so ago. It’s one of those kabuki brushes, meaning it’s small and fun to use. And I love it. I use it to put on my loose powder and it sort of makes you look airbrushed. Which is always a good thing. Especially since a waitress in DFW referred to my coworker (who is 4-5 years younger than me) as “your girl,” referring to my coworker Mike and I. I’m not sure how she meant it, but it made me briefly consider botox.

• I forgot the keys to open my office door at home today. Obviously, someone else opened the door for me, but maybe I should take it as a sign and go home! Or just get to work, which is the option I’m taking. I hope you all have happy Wednesdays!


3 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. There’s a Subway on Nolensville Rd whose sign says: 8 footlongs $5. I really want to go in there and force them to give me 8 footlongs for only $5 – because that’s what the sign says. But I won’t – mostly because Subway has an smell I don’t like (I like the food, just not going in the restaurant).

  2. We’ve actually been trying to figure out what that smell is. (By we, I mean it’s been a lunchtime conversation topic among me and my coworkers.) I posit it’s yeast mixed with pickles.

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