Weekend in Rewind

Ever wonder what you were thinking two years ago? Well, I sort of know because I blog! That’s why I’m posting today’s “Weekend in Rewind.” Back on March 22, 2008, I expressed my Saturday thoughts in a post creatively called “Thoughts on a Saturday.”

• There’s no way Giada on the Food Network looks like that and cooks all that Italian food. And it’s not fair that she’s that pretty.
• When you’re cleaning and in a pinch for a cleanser, vinegar and water really does work well for most things. You just have to deal with the smell.
• If I know that the stories on “The Road to the Final Four” will make me cry, why do I watch it? Maybe a better question: why do stories about basketball players make me cry?
Clark Kellogg annoys me.
• I have a love-hate relationship with Michael Beasley of Kansas State.
• Cleaning your house for people come over for Easter dinner is not always fun.
• Naps should be a part of every day!
• I should never wear my hair like this in public. (Sorry, neighbors!)

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