First off, Happy Basketball Day! It’s the start of the NCAA basketball tournament and my high school plays at noon today in the Missouri State 2A Boys Basketball tournament. If they win today, it’s a championship game on Saturday!

So on this day of celebration for basketball fans, I present to you this week’s edition of “Dispatches.” Don’t grumble. You love it. You know you do. Oh, whatever. Man up.

• My parents are leaving early this morning to drive to Columbia, Mo., for the high school basketball game. Both are feeling a bit under the weather and it’s a five-hour drive, so that should be fun.

• I got new antibiotics yesterday for my sinus issues. On Tuesday, I went home early from work feeling about as bad as I have in a long time. I had a headache, terrible pressure in my sinuses (I kept saying “my face HURTS”), and some unsettling queasiness. After spending most of my time not at work lying down, I’m feeling better. The antibiotics should help and the anti-histamine stuff is helping with the pressure in my sinuses. I’m ready to be rid of this infection. It’s been my constant companion for way too long!

• Speaking of being sick, one time several years ago, I had tonsillitis about this time of year. It was an awful experience, actually, because I felt like my tonsil was coming out my ear and had chills and all the mess (and my friend Janice came in the middle of the night and drove me to the emergency room. TRUE FRIEND!). But I ended up having to stay home sick during the beginning rounds of the NCAA tournament. By Friday, I was able to sit upright and I remember sitting on my couch wrapped up in a blanket watching basketball all day long. It was terrible because I felt mostly terrible, but it was also wonderful. Is that weird?

• I actually made my day. First time in several days. I feel I deserve an award.

• I am looking forward to Saturday, when I will sleep for as long as humanly possible. That’s my plan anyway.

• I heard on the news today that the state medical examiner was arrested yesterday and has since been dismissed from his job. Apparently, he was charged with felony marijuana possession when authorities found marijuana in his hotel room in Mississippi, where he also apparently works as a coroner. Sadly, I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve heard weird stuff about him for a long time coming. The sad part is that many of the cases he worked may now be up in the air.

That’s it for today. Much to do; little time to do it all.


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